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Oriental Chilli

LOL well that was horrid, I would rather lie down and pour petrol in my eyes than eat that again!!

Must say tho the chocolate velvet shakes are divine!!!


Going From Flab to FAB!
ohhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!! .. i was going to try this for my tea later! ..... ummm maybe i should swap it for another choccy lolol
Awwwww sorry I dont mean to put you all off!!! Its just me being fussy!!

It was kinda gross tho heehee!! :D


hoping for a good loss
I luuuuurve the chilli one, is amazing. Love the flavours and the heat in it. Ate my last one last night so looking forward to ordering more tomorrow.


hoping for a good loss


Full Member
I HATE the chilli soup! lol!
but love some of the others!
Its a good job we're not all the same eh!
Is the Leek and Potato nice??? what about the other flavour soups, what do y'all recommend?
The Veg one is nice, I had it for lunch! I got 1 of each of the soups to try them all!!
Here's my favourites in fabulosity order : leek and potato, vegetable, tomato, chicken and finally mushroom.
I tend to make a strange kind of 'pate' with the chicken and mushroom flavours, make it into a paste with a little bit of water and stick in the microwave for a minute and a half.
Thats it, I am now starting to consider myself a little bonkers, lol!
CD must make us do the oddest of things to get by.
It is the case that taste-buds do change as we progress x


hoping for a good loss
Still not sure about the leek and potato one. Maybe I need to ass pepper to it


Back 2 finish my journey
i like the mushroom soup the most hate hate hate the chilli one bleurgggh!
lol its funny how we all have a passionate dislike fro one of the soups, mine is the veg, i got the leek and potato one this time, the oriental chilli is ok but i put tobasco sauce (a dash) in my soups of black pepper and only make them upto a mug otherwise i dont think id be able to eat them, i have one now and again to give the diet a change, the choc shakes i have as a mug of hot choc which is brill in this cold weather...mmmm

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