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Original convenience foods

Hi all

I love cooking and do it sooo much with only doing original at the moment! I need to find some convenience foods that fit in with original and who would know better than the miniminers :D

Someone on here (may have been Jaxmummy, can't remember) told me about the Birdeye simply salmon.....has anyone else got convenience foods they use?

Thank you in advance xxx
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Tescos healthy living 2 chicken breasts in tomato and basil sauce- alsways keep these in the fridge in case of emergency. They are in the healthy living micro meals section in tescos x
Hiya Mate!!!

I always keep a tin of premium ham in the store cuboard for red day emegencies.
If I am going to the shops and want something quick later, I will buy a rotisserie chicken to snack on
Crabsticks are good to have in the fridge for when you feel a snack attack coming on!
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Aldi have their "Try it, Taste it, Love it" (or something like that) range. In the frozen section... they do lamb shanks and pork shanks. Some are free, some have a syn value (though some are very low syn). I keep those in the freezer... and they really are VERY nice.

They're like £3.99-£4.99 each, but there's two in a box, and they are in separate vacuum bags bags, so you can make just one of them if you want.
Tesco and asda both do sweet chilli frozen king prawns on skewers they are lovely and I think they are free. at two pounds a box for 4 skewers I think they are great value too!


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What shops do you tend to use Indieflower?
Hi all, thanks for all the great suggestions :) I like the sound of the lamb shanks and prawn skewers. I constantly buy fresh fish and meat and need to cut the cost a bit, AND could really do with some simple chuck in the oven solutions, so these are great!

Angie, I tend to use Morrisons or Asda's mainly :)

K xx
Asda do some nice value salmon fillets, I put on a blob of boursin light and stick em in the oven, not convienece food but easy peasy, nice with the prawn kebabs (find in the frozen section) and a lovely big salad with balsamic vinegar.


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Boursin is a french soft cheese with garlic and herbs - characteristic in that it is 'rolled' (like a swiss roll) with the garlic/herbs rolled around the layers if that makes sense.


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I am approaching this as a good way to get to know my new food directory :D

Asda - free things that leap out include:

extra special beef bourguignonne (chilled)
extra special duck legs in orange sauce (chilled)
extra special lamb shanks in mint gravy with rosemary and thyme / with garlic and rosemary (chilled)
liver and onions (chilled)
scottish salmon fillets with a honey and ginger glaze 310g pack (chilled)
wild alaskan salmon fillets in sweet & tangy lime &coriander marinade (chilled)

and free in Morrisons inc:

BBQ mini pork shanks (frozen)
eat smart BBQ chicken fillets 340g (chilled)

hope that helps xx


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If you shop at Morrisons their chilled lamb shanks in minted gravy or rosemary gravy are 1.5 syns each, and cook in the micro in just 7 mins!


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wow Angie thanks for all that! Def need to buy myself the food directory when it comes out - anyone know when?
I am looking at it now! It was for sale in our group 2 weeks ago - I got mine this week :D

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