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I have had personal experience on the tablet and I wouldnt go for it if I was you. You dare not even pass wind coz you could end up following through. Do you have alot to loose? And do you know what your BMI is? I have just started the Cambride Diet and in 11 days lost 9lb. Not badly priced £34.65 aweek but Im seeing the results even after 12 days. Hope this helps and good luck.


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It wasn't a personal choice...the health promotion lady said she would seriously considering putting me on this tablet when I lose the 2lbs that I've gained.

But just reading the side effects has put me right off already. Why would anyone ACTIVELY take that pill?!

My BMI is 34.5 LisaGlover...I'm a pretty broke student so I'm currently relying on NHS funded programmes to help shift this self induced fat!


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Hi Curvy_lass,

There is always the option of joining one of the slimming support clubs here and you will recieve free advice and support to help you.

Here is a link to Starlight thread, she is doing WW and over the last year she has lost nine and half stone.

Her photos are on this thread, just click the link below, so you can see her awesome achievement.


Love Mini xxx


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I used Orlistat a few years ago (from the DR), I was already eating 'low fat' but thought I would give it a go.
I had no side effects (because I stuck to low-fat foods) and had a good initial weight loss....however...I found (mentally) it gave me a 'ticket' to eat anything as long as it was low-fat! The problem with this is that a lot of low fat foods compensate by having very high sugar/carbs and therfore high in calories! My weight loss eventually ceased and my weight started to increase! I got fed up and stopped!
Moral of my story.....keep an eye on the food lables...Low-fat may = high calories/sugar!
I tried Orlistat a few years ago .... the side effects only occur if you don't follow a low fat diet ....

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