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OT anniverasary present

i got my other half a key ring which is made out of nuts and bolts off the net it came in a box that said im nuts about you but when its on his car keys its just the keyring he loved it only he knows what it means when he looks at it(well him and anyone else who has one).. if you put im nuts about you keyring in google it brings them up might be a start and give you ideas for other things
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pay for him to get a small tattoo!!

This year I sent my hubby a hamper of thorntons chocs to work - his colleagues loved it!!!!!
nice ideas, i have seen those key rings bu really thought thaty ou are paying more for the packaging, they are expensive for what they are. i was thinking of getting him some flowers delivered (he is more feminine than me) but dont know what else. as for choc, he is a swer as well!
i did think that when i was ordering it but he absolutley loved it so it was worth the 15 quid you could actually knock one together in B&Q for about 40p though lol
cant send chocs what about sending him an edible arrangement have a look on the website they have some nice ones
oh and btw, i would be a very big cheap skate to get him a tattoo as im the tattooist lol! so he can have them naytime for free anyway. plus he has NO room!! he doesnt eat fruit. i was thinking about getting him some sort of jewelry but hes a bit of a snob lol, if its not the finest quality of anything hes not interested and obv £50 isnt going to get me white gold with diamonds lol and also a ring is too symbolic so i was thinking like a chain but i dunno. it took me forever to convince him to stay at the holiday inn! lol.


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What about a piece of original art? You could pick up something fab for £50 if you look properly. Gotta do my bit for the struggling artists!! I'd love to move into tattoo art more someday, I do the odd design, but the real thing would be more satisfying I think! :)
tattooing is one of the hardest industries to get into as theres no qulifications jsut hard hard work, alot of commitment and getting paid buttons for at least a couple of years lol


Warning-Contains Nuts
yeah, I've done more research over the last 6 months or so, I know it isn't an easy option! I think some people don't realise how much skill is involved, practical and creative. I take my hat off to you, I can always repaint my canvas if I make a mistake!
I started getting tattooed about 11 years ago now, still love it. My boyfriend is a bit strait laced though so he's not as keen, not got a problem with them, but would prefer I didn't get more!
Why not make up a basket of little goodies.. like body paint.. a wee thong..bubble bath etc etc for a quiet night in ;) if you have a hawkins bazaar near you then maybe some little toys (boys like that kinda thing) all fun things .. get a (girl) friend to take a pic of you in some sexy pouty pose and frame it?? DA loved the pic of me in me undies:eek: Write a poem? or a love letter .. make it in to a scroll.. its the little personal things rather than the grand gestures I find :D
what lovely ideas emski and yer it is the smaller personal touches that count (althoug dont think my OH would want a photo of me in my undies yet!) x
Oh I bet he would.. he loves you!!

DA brought me the new Will Young album today as a suprise.. so I love him lots today.. a little thing but so thoughtful.

I find the big gestures embarrasing and not that personal (unless it is something unusual such as the star naming etc)

Yer it is the little things, not even always presents, bt just say running a bath or bringing the washing in (Im easily pleased!) one present which was expensive, but thoughtful, that I did appreciate was my personal number plate for my car! x
One of my friend's hubby gave her a framed photograph of the place they went to on their first date. Very romantic for them, as it was a beautiful sea-side. Not so much for me and mine...sweaty nightclubs not being massively 'beautiful'.
One of my friend's hubby gave her a framed photograph of the place they went to on their first date. Very romantic for them, as it was a beautiful sea-side. Not so much for me and mine...sweaty nightclubs not being massively 'beautiful'.
lol i love that. our first date was seeing some strippers at a grubby pub :p
isn't he a hairdresser??? get him some new scissors with a fancy engraved message on it

or a silver ID bracelet - male hairdresser always seem to wear them!
yes he is lol! the only thing is i dont know where to get proper scissors from. they cos t abloody fortune!! his last pair were over £100 :O

i bought him a silver chain bracelet but it has loads of little bling bits in. he is into his bling so i think he'll like it.

im also thinking about writing him a nice little poem and putting it on nice paper i like that idea. i think he'll get abit worried if he sees someone else has been taking saucy pics! haha

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