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OT but sort of SW related


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I'm a serial hobbyist. I go from one hobby to the next (apart from photography, but that's no longer a hobby, that's part of my life I can't live without).

I've made jewellery, candles, cards etc etc, get bored with it and move on to the next one.

So my latest venture to give me something to do in the evening instead of thinking about the cupboards and what particular food is calling my name that night is....

Don't laugh...

making (and selling on ebay) - Fairy Doors.

Most people say... what on earth is a fairy door? or why?

I make the plaster doors and paint them and so far I have sold all the ones I've made. People buy them as a garden ornament to put in a rockery or hang on a tree or somewhere in the garden, or even in their houses. My little girl has a pink and purple one on her bedroom wall LOL.

But last night, while browsing on ebay, I've found some great moulds to make fairy mushroom houses. awwww they're so sweet, if you like that sort of thing. And I'm going to get some. There are three different moulds to make three different mushroom cottages. Hopefully once the weather fine's up again in spring, these will start selling and I will be selling fairy villages LOL.

Please don't shatter my illusion and tell me fairies don't exist :confused:

Anyway, here are two of the doors that I've made and sold. And as soon as I get the mushroom houses made and painted, if you want, I'll post some pics :D

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Call me Nicky xx
I have to say I did think what is a fairy door, but seeing your pictures they are really nice. Glad you have had success selling them on eBay. I bet in spring you will have even more success.xx


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My mate nearly wet herself when we were waiting for the kids to come out of school and she asked what I'd been up to cos i had paint on my hands. I said "I've been painting my fairy door" (in all innocence) she nearly collapsed on the floor thinking I'd been doing something rude LMAO
:8855::8855: Painting your Fairy Door!!!!

Those are fantstic ideas!!!! The doors remind me of something out of my all time favourite book "The Hobbit", so I would definitely love to see more of what you are making!
Well done, thats really clever!


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I can't stop giggling about painting my fairy door now LMAO!! i think that will keep me smiling for the rest of the day :D

Here's the little mushroom fairy houses I'm going to be doing as soon as I get the moulds bought. They're about 6 inches high (obviously because fairies are small ;) )

Awww wow!!! These are fab!
i love the doors, they are really quirky and wuite like the little mushrooms too

is it just a spare time thing or are you making a lot of these? also dont mean to be rude but how much do you sell them for?


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
hehe there very cute my ma collects garden ornaments so let me know what there under on ebay and i might get one for xmas
Thanks ladies :D

I've not been making them long so I've not actually priced them up properly. I guess I should really so as I get my money back.

I can do some to order if anyone wants any. The large ones shown would be about £4 I think. I'll cost it properly.

As for the mushroom houses, I'll cost them up and let you know
Well iNaTIZ, you are the first person on here that I have seen, just joined this forum thing, don't know what I am doing yet, I can't stop laughing about you and your friend, at the school, my husband will love this when I tell him. Also love your fairy door and mushrooms, I am a bit like you in that I am always looking for new hobbies, I have tons of card making stuff, all boxed up though, waiting to move house. Any advice on how to use these forums would be welcom, that is if you have the time.
Thanks for a good laugh

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