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OT: Dog mess...

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I have just been out for a jog (yay) but when I got back, some ignorant tw*t had let their dog poo right outside my front doorstep and not cleaned it up!!! Right in the middle of the pavement is bad enough, but in front of someone's house, where they go in and out and it will probably/definitely be trod in... I am outraged!!!:mad:

I have flicked it out of the way and onto the road (I'm not picking it up!) now, but I shall just sit here and fume for a while at the ignorance of some people.

Rant over...thank you.
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this makes me so mad too! I love dogs and know many people clear up after them, but i was just saying to hubbie yesterday whilst out walking that i'm shocked by the amount lying around.

And outside someone's door is just out of order:(


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Ugh I hate it when people do that!! GR!! There's a massive green on the seafront where I live which I'd love to let my 14mo old run about on, but it's covered in dog poop! So annoying... x


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It is disgusting - I have a dog but when she is out with either of us we have plastic bags in our pocket ready for 'poop scooping'.

We live on the coast right near the beach and it is a £1000 on the spot fine if your dog is caught or reported for 'fouling' the beach or pavement's etc - and I have to admit everyone who lives around here (and there are lots of dogs) always 'scoops up the poop' and there are proper dog bins every few yards for it to be disposed off, these are emptied weekly. (what a dreadful job that must be).....


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Urgh that's awful!!!

To me, people should take the same responsibility for an animal as you would a child - most people (I say most cause you never know) would not let their child poop in the street but think it's ok for their dogs too! Grrrr!

We don't have a dog but have had them when lived with folks and we always carried nappy sacks and hand sanitizer with us and just threw into the doggy bins. It's not hard, takes a minute and shows respect for public spaces. And to NOT do it and result in some poor person stepping in it and spreading it through a house or car takes hours to fix - it's just downright rude!

Luckily you said you saw it and now the other way Hellie! Hope the person (and dog) in question don't do it again honey.


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This makes me mad as well because i have 2 dobermans and they have poop the size of Horse poop so i have to clean it up when we are out :mad:

When we takes our dogs out i find it annoying but midly amusing when i see bags of scooped poop hanging on the trees.

What is all that about?! The owener can be bothered to pick it up but not put it in a bin? Leaving it hanging on a tree branch is much more offensive than it being on the floor, imagine some poor cyclist hitting their head on the bag :eek::p


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this is one of the reasons i dont have a dog (but would love one) i cannot pick up the mess, the stomach goes and i start retching, i cant even change a nappy :( on the odd ocassion tthat my mum has been ill and cannot walk her lab i offer to do it and what a mission it is i have a dustpan inside 2 carrier bags and when i have to pick it up i hold my breath scoop with my eyes closed and tie the bag:sign0137: throw it away and take deep breaths :)


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That's really irresponsible, leaving it just outside someone's doorstep. It's not like they wouldn't have known it'd happened!!

I have a neighbour who was consistently letting his dog pee on the wheels of my 30 year old classic car that was parked outside my house. It really ticked me off! The car is now sold and the neighbour dead (nothing to do with me, honest!) so hopefully my brand new car won't befall the same fate!


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I cannot stand this!! I always always pick up after my doggy, she only does little poops but can often do 2 or 3 on a walk and I always go out armed with bags, it takes a second to pick it up but around our village are lots of poops that people do not pick up and I find it so annoying - some are b****y big ones too.

thing is....you never ever see these people who don't pick it up, hmm...... even my young daughter picks it up, she's well trained too!

Most annoying Hellie - I'm with you! (ps well done on going for a run! xx)

Mrs V

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Thats disgusting!
I used to have a dog (lives with my parents now as doesnt like my Daughter...long story!), I was picking up his poop, even when I was pregnant...doesnt take much to wrap it up in a couple of carrier bags and get rid of it for goodness sake!!
That's just plain lazy on the owners part!


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I hate to say but the problem is just as bad where I work (a posh part of London) and where I live (not so posh part of London!!). Our local park is frequented by lazy people who just so happen to be looking completely the other way when their dog poops.....I then end up yelling at my dogs not to run through it! Yuk.

Right, I think you should keep an eye out for the culprit, follow them home and leave them some sort of message outside their door/gate!!

Scarlet Daisy

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What is WRONG with people? I always cleaned up after my (now dead) dog.

When I lived in Brighton the pavements were a constant assault course of dog poo, it was vile. I now live in Manchester and in my area I rarely see any little "gifts". I think perhaps it is because a great many of the people around here are Asian and seem less inclined to own dogs? I'm not sure. Whatever it is, I'm glad.


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As they say, there are no bad dogs, only irresponsible owners!
I have a fox who leaves presents on my lawn! I just wish I could catch sight of him.

First of all , Love this forum for the great topics for conversation. Second I love your threads Hellie!!

You all know what jon I do, so I will tell you a little story:

A local felon ( burgler of dwellings) decided to apply is trade to a lovely georgian house one night when the owners were on a criuse in the Med.

The little scroat ( sorry) young man cased the joint and picked his route onto the property via the rear garden gate. The young man's MO ( modus operandi) was always the same. He would take along his trusted jack russell, he would let it off in the grounds and if challenged by anyone, he would say he was looking for his dog who had run off. during his evening walkies. ( Nice eh!)

This job was like no other one that he had done in the past. So after letting "scroat dog" off in the garden he broke in via the patio doors. He ransacked the house taking small valuable items. On the way out the patio door he slipped and fell on his backside. He got up thinking it was just damp surface. He called his dog to heal and off he run, through the field at the back of the premise. He walked all the way home approx two miles. Well that what I call a quick nite shift, and having away five grand worth of property.

We get the call when the neighbour who was asked to check on things noticed the house was insecure. We called the police dog in to have a sniff around. BINGO !! he got the sent and off he trundled across the fields with dog handler in tow.

The dog led him all the way to the front door of scroaty. Hooray!!! I hear you say, but how ??

When scroaty slipped on the patio, he actually slipped in doggy poo !!
The doggy poo belonged to the owners of the house that he had just screwed ( Sorry) turned over.

Scroaty said that he had never been near the house in his life,!! and then changed his mind when the evidence was put to him, to it must of been when my dog run off during his walk. But what done him was that he also stepped in his own dogs poo when he entered the house the same evening and his was evidenced on his left trainer.
The house owners great dane poo, was all over his trousers.

I hope you liked it , but is a true story ! sorry it was a bit POO !


( Oh he got 12 months lock up for that nights work !)

Phil x


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Oh Phil - I didnt know that was your job (probably the only dumbo on here who didnt know !!)..

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I have a neighbour who was consistently letting his dog pee on the wheels of my 30 year old classic car that was parked outside my house. It really ticked me off! The car is now sold and the neighbour dead (nothing to do with me, honest!) so hopefully my brand new car won't befall the same fate!
LOL, I was horrified the other day to see a 5 yr old in my street stand facing his garden having a pee, when I started going on about it I was told that he also pees on peoples cars! Parents don't seem to bother either.

Scarlet Daisy

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Phil, I heard a story (years ago) about a burglar who robbed a shop, after hours, in Queenborough (Kent, lol). He got caught short and used the shop toilet (which was an old one, not really in use, out the back). Well, there was no paper, so he wiped his bum on an envelope he had in his pocket...which had his name and address on it! Hahaha! And the old loo didn't flush properly either. It didn't take Inspector Morse to solve THAT crime.

(Apologies to all that this is O/T and nothing to do with dog poo!).


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It's horrible that people don;t pick up the mess that their pets leave behind (I always picked up my dog's poo (he's died now, bless him)).

However, it's possible that the dog that pooped outside the house may not have an owner and may just be a poor stray :(

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