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OT... Start of migraine?


Slimming down the aisle
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Can hug her knees :)
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yeah, my mums start like that hun, hope your okay xx


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I suffer from migraines, unfortunately. The "aura" can look like a few different things... mine are ziz-zags... and it means I can't focus properly.

Take some painkillers as soon as this starts... it can last for a few minutes or much longer (if you are unlucky).

Once the aura disappears you should then experience a thumping headache on the side of your head. (By this time, i'm in a darkened room, preferably lying down in bed.)

And then you can start feeling nauseous.

When i had my first migraine - i didn't know what it was, and I kid you not, i thought i was having a stroke or a brain haemorrhage. It was really scarry.

Take some tablets now!



Slimming down the aisle
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Oh dear, here it comes, I might go and try to sleep!
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I and my Dh suffer terribly from migraines, they the worse thing ever. I have the vision spots thumping head and the sickness, it can wipe me out for days. luckily my DH been prescribed rizatriptan wafers which reduce the swelling quicker, but them and a cold flannel and darkened room do help.
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i get them every now and again, as soon as my vision gets blurry and i see lights floating around i take some tablets and go and lie down before it gets really bad
hope you feel a bit better soon


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Yes best thing to do is stay away from any concentrated light. I.e. Tv and pc. You are fortunate enough is it just a headache. Some people have seizrues with migranes. Due tot he nature of the blood draining and pumping into brain.

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