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Other people's dieting habits

This is something I observed a colleague doing yesterday. She started SW last week and lost 3.5lb in the first week but I really don't know how. She is from the old school dieting camp and often says things like she doesn't eat potatoes as she thinks they make you put on weight etc.

So yesterday morning she comes into work and grabs a cereal bar from a box that someone had left in the staffroom to share. She doesn't eat breakfast at home as she says she can't eat that early in the morning. She ate it straight away then asked me how many syns I thought it would be, she thought about 4. I later looked it up and it was 6.5! And it was only 8:30! Anyway, away she went to a meeting then came back at lunchtime and we ate lunch together. She had bought a salad from the canteen which contained a big blob of coleslaw (doubt it was low fat mayo!). The salad had a few slices of beef in but she said that you never get enough protein in those salads so went to the fridge and put a massive pile of ham on top that she'd brought with her. THEN she opened a sachet of mayonaise and put that all over it.

Maybe I am being a bit harsh judging her like this - she might not have any more syns for the rest of the day but I doubt it! I've tried explaining the plan to her as I've been doing it for ages, but she seems to just do her own thing. Think I was feeling a bit self righteous yesterday as I am having a good week so far but I just found it interesting watching what she eats.

Anyone else have similar stories to share??
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We all approach things in our own way. OK, she's maybe being a bit blase about syns, but she's clearly doing enough right, if she lost 3.5lbs. I often buy prepacked salads and then chuck on a hunk of salmon, or a handful of pasta, so I can see where she's coming from, adding that ham....tis free, after all!
Try not to focus on other's eating habits. It's not good to strive to feel 'better' than other people, nor is it helpful to try and alter your own habits to match/better others.
I do know where you're coming from though x
It just made me laugh that's all, and made me feel better knowing that I'm not guessing my syns (at the moment that is!).

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