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Other people's reactions?

Hi guys,
just curious- what has been other peoples reactions to your weight loss? Ive still got a bit more weight to lose and am by no means skinny but lately family members keep saying im 'too thin', ' you dont look right / well', ' you dont want to be too skinny do you?' and ' when are you going to stop your diet?! '- they dont realise its a lifestyle change- its driving me mad!!!:mad:
i understand that we all have our own opinion why cant they be happy for me??:(
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I think in many respects people make those comments because they arent used to the new you so to speak. They probably been used to you being bigger than you are now. I think some of it could be jealousy too.

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
I agree with shelz. I saw my cousin at Christmas and we'd always been a similar weight all our lives, and she suddenly dropped 5-6 dress sizes and I was shocked. I did say something like: you should start eating again, jokingly. It was odd seeing her like that, but I was also jealous.

I've only lost a stonne so not really gotten comments from anyone. My dad and brother are flying in from home to see me here and they haven't seen me since Christmas so we'll see what they say...

I think people will say positive things when you're still of a certain weight as to encourage you to lose more weight. These people probably think you are at the right weight. I mean, 140lbs is quite small, all depending on your height and how you wear it so. Don't despair, if anything give them a piece of your mind!

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