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Our 4 week challenge diary - WEEK 2 ALREADY!!!!!!!


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hi all

me and priya (sweet girl) have decided we need a kick up the bum diary, and together we have decided to embark on a 4 week challenge diary as we both have aims to meet in this time. i fly out in just under 4 weeks for a holiday and priya has her birthday and wants to be slim for summer.

our pledge is:

- to come on this diary every day and motivate each other.

- we will always try and remain positive (we can post negative feelings in our own separate diaries)

- we will encourage and support

- we will ss/ss+ or 810 for the whole of the 4 weeks of this challenge

- we will give each other a kick up the jacksie as and when it is needed

please feel free to join if you feel like it!

my goals: get into the 10 stone bracket (again)

stick to cd without changing the rules.
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yaay glad u av strted the thread...so far one shake dwn n a 2 ltre bottle of water...:D...nt feelin hungry at all...gt 2 mre shakes to go...n anotha 2 lte bottle..this hot weatha is defoo elpin with the water intake...:)...

ma goal is to lose a stone n abit if nt the full amount if 4 weeks to get dwn to 8 stone bracket..n to go dwn to a waist size of eitha 24 or 26....:)...size 8-10 bracket
hi im aiming for 1 and half stone in 4 weeks, aiming big but want to be motivated!!! wat do we have to do? weekly wi results?
yeyyy can i join :D
i need to be just under 10 and a half stone, not sure if i can lose a stone and a half in four weeks?! surely not? but worth a go definately! x
yh corse u can join in hun :)..

miss hj yh weekly weigh ins..hw ur days went...water intake...that kinda ting wud elp eeach other to stay motivated based on each others days :)....


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hi all! well after a disasterous few days i am back on track. have already had 2 litres today (is that too much to have in 3 hours?) and am on my next 2 litres. had a shake too so am doing ok. got a furry tongue which is good as it means i am fat burning.

have got a weigh in on friday so need to shift the pounds i gained this weekend and then another 2 so i can report a good loss. dont know if i can achieve this but am back on track so anything is possible!

how is everyone today??????????????
Helllooo Leeds, had my weigh in today lost 9lbs! Yeyyyyyy was my first weigh in though, had a strawberry tetra which wasnt that nice but one shake down and one litre down so far!! im sure you will be fine on friday chick :) xxx
one shake dwn n 1 ltr dwn already...:D gna av a porridge in abit dat shud fill me up til the evning tym n then gna mke a shake....choc mint probz....n thruout the day gna b wrkin on the water intake too...im aimin for 4 ltrs 2dai which shud b doable...hpefully...gt 4 days to try n lose a bit til ma bday n then its bk on track again strtn on sunday...weigh in is on mon so im hopin for a gd loss...:D weight wise n inch wise hpefully fingers crossed...i am bk in the zone which is gd...:D bt i am truly dreadin ma bday wt if i go outa da zone lyk i did lst week :s....lst week was relii hard n it was lst mon dat triggered ma week of disaster offf....:S.....:(....i can do this with ur support :D...thnx
you can do it if u try, just think youve got about 75 birthdays to go, im sure it wont matter if you dont go crazy for this one?!? xxx
hi guys im in for the challenge but wont b reporting ne details today as am poorly and no bad comments aloud here!!
lol truu kay bt it is ma 21st lolz n nw many tymz do u turn 21 hehe bt yh ur rite dts y ima gna keep it in moderation loolz...:D (A)...well dun on the weight loss...keep it up...n thnx for the advice will keep it in mind hehe


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me again! well i have managed to have 4 litres again today so feeling v good. got a headache again but thats ok cos i am deffo back in the zone. no cheats at all today and ready for my last shake in a few hours. its so easy when you stick to it.

WOW on your loss kay, cant wait to see how you get on next week. keep going girls, CD is a fab diet and we need all the support we can get as it is also harder than most other diets out there.
iv ad one apple n cinnamon porridge so far n half a lite of a 2ltre bottle...so got quite abit left to go..will probz go n mke one mre porridge n one make ur own shake later on durin teh day n evenng,...n av da rest of the water intake...i can do this....food will alwys b there in da future...:D..hpe the rest of ur days go well..:)


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ive had another 4 litres and am back to my weight from my last weigh in so hopefully can lose at least a pound by fri!

had a terrible day and dying to eat but having my last shake!
heyya evry1 2 shakes dwn one mre to go...goin out ina bit a few of ma friends wna go out to eat bt i aint gna av nuttin to eat in fact i aint tkin ne money with me so i cnt buy netng even if i wnted to..i am dyin for a pair of blumin scales to stand on even tho i kno they dnt tend to be as accurate as the cdc scales bt still at least then it wudv given me a rough idea as to whether i av lost neting or nt since mon...:(....ad bit of tuna n veg bt cudnt keep that in me...:s...bt nehuuu yh none of the other uni mates of mine av scales n the not knowin is killin me!! :(...lool its orrible nt knowin whether u av lost neting even tho goin on ur own scales aint the best idea to go by wt u see on them....wel dun leeds the water intake is gr8 hun..i am tryin to do the sme ere..:D..
Helloooo girliesss.
Miss HJ get well soon! Yeyyy to you all for doing well i think we're all good at doing 100% :D. Sweet girl its your 21st thats a tricky one, i would just do whatever then!! Thats not very good advice but to be fair, surely eating and drinking on your 21ST is not cheating. I would say do whatever u like! But if u wana try then im sure ur just as strong enough to!
Arghh i was at work today (had popcorn last night - not being negative and talking about food, just a confession to get off my chest :)) but because i lost 9lbs i thought, why not.But anyway i was at work and a client came in and said to me 'I got you a little present' OMG it was a bar of Green and Blacks Milk Chocolate...I said thankyou and put it in the draw and pretended it was a present for somebody else which meant i couldnt eat it. HAHA. Back on the wagon todayy, 3.5litres and 3shakes downnn. All done for the day, now im in my room which i call 'The den of no temptation'. Ima geek haha xx how is everyone todayy?Xx
im back on the challenge, tho ss+ today feeling so much better after yesterdays not well!! tho not drinking enough so need to up that 2mo, weighed myself today and since monday dare i say it im sure it said 3lbs down!! so fingers crossed for 4-5 lbs by sat, guna go for a walk thurs/fri lunchtime to try and help me too, this makes me thirsty as i power walk it!!

hope everyone else has had a good day xx
i have strted walkin a lot more too don;t kno if it does neting to elp my weight loss bt i find maself walkn a lot mre nw then i used to...n dnt feel as breathless as quickly..wen im power walking...im already nearly 2 ltres dwn..got anotha bottle to dwn by the end of 2dai av ad one shake two mre to go....n then iv chnged ma weigh in for fridays so ma cdc cumin 2mo instead of the mon as i thrt even tho its onli been four days by 2mo of me strtin the diet again the weight loss mite b slightly better then nx mon after i av eaten on sat...least nw if i do end up eatin on sat...i av the rest of the week to try n cut it out again by jumpin bk on the diet n drinkin lots n lots of water in between to try n flush evryting out by nx fri....i can do this i kno i can n i am determined to stik to it n get to goal..we av three weeks after this week to try n meet our goals i am sure we can do this..:D...dnt kno hw much those jalapenos n doritos will affect me bt other then dat lil blip i av been gd n been drinkin lots of water thruout this week..this water is mkin me feel all full n bloaty lool...can literally feel the water in ma tummy lol jokes.....support is much appreciated frm u guys....:d...n i will support u bk vice versa i js need to meet ma goal it has becum lyk a obsession for me...dnt kno hw to explain it...its hard to do....:s...a stone a bit dnt even sound lyk a lot...n i am hopin along with the weight loss the inch loss will cum along also....wnt ma family to realise dat i av lost weight y is it soo hard to get ppl to notice weight losss on u as a person...fair nuf i cnt see it maself bt stil...:S it elps soo much mree wen ppl comment on it as then u kno hw much it is relii wrkin....rather then u try n imagine the weight loss urself....2nite shud b gd will stay sober n not over do it with the drinks mite nt even drink at all i dnt kno tho apparnly vodka n diet coke shudnt kik me oouta ketosis n so long as i dnt lose control completely n drink lots of water thruout the nite i shud b k rite..? i aint been out since last mon feels lyk such a long tym ago...lol....this weight loss is relii important to me its lyk its the onli ting in ma life rite nw that i av in slight control ova...lyk i sed its hard to xplain it....:S...relii sorii for the long post n i dnt kno if this shud even av gne in this thread lol...bt oh well...js thrt wud let u kno hw well i am doin other then lst nite's blip..:s...
hw are the rest of u all 2dai?


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priya - its your 21st. have the day off just dont go crazy, it only comes once lady!

kay - wow, you have generous clients. i'm not a choc person so it doesnt affect me. and if you need to use this thread to confess please do, we're here to help each other.

miss jh - bloomin hell! 3lbs?? did you have a week off and then retstart on monday? how long were you off cd? good luck for weigh in.

ive got weigh in tomorrow and despite being one of the worst weeks of struggle since i started cd i am pleased to say i have been good again today. cant wait to weigh in tomorrow and if i can achieve another 1lb i will be happy. have lost all the weight i gained over the weekend so am hoping now i lose the fat......

good luck girls.

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