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Attack Out and About

Still planning as it's just 3 weeks until I have to decide once and for all which plan I'm going to follow for the remainder of my weight loss...

I'm out and about at lunch time most days with no access to kitchens, fridges or even shops. Any suggestions on something I can eat? On Atkins I'd be grabbing an Atkins Bar and a litre of water (literally, that's the amount of time I have to eat!).

Ideas gratefully accepted! X
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I am out and about most days too, I have been cooking chicken and taking a tub of yoghurt with various flavours to dip the chicken in, its easy to eat and I can pick if I get hungry :)

I love chicken so has been been fab, also made the muffins yesterday for cruise and had 2 of them at lunch :)


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Are you able to take a little cool box or bag with you, Mandy? That would make things easier.

There are recipes in the Recipes section for Dukan bread for sandwiches and frittata. There's also a great meatloaf recipe in the Dukan book. These can all be made in advance and eaten cold.


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Try making blinis in morning and putting slices of beef and a touch of herby or mustard quark in between two blinis. Or same thing with smoked salmon and dill quark. Can add salad greens for cruise. Blinis take about five mins and travel better than galette.
Thank you! I could have a cool box in car I suppose. Just worry about chicken in the summer heat!! I'm so fussy - if there's even a chance it could go off I'll not touch it! Lol!

I only get one chance to eat and am normally working 4 or 5 hours before that... But I think if I got enough of those freezer packs I could keep stuff cold?

As you can maybe tell, I didn't get my home-maker badge in Brownies!! I'm a bit useless!


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Muffins are easily transportable so, if you can bear a protein breakfast (eggs, chicken, steak etc!), why not have a "muffin lunch"!


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What about one of those coolers that plugs into the carlighter sockets?
Amazon.co.uk: car cool box

They are more expensive - but you would be certain that your food stayed cool through the morning...


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<OK someone has to ask...>

What do you do for a living, MM? If you don't mind replying, that is... I'm slightly intrigued, I admit!
I'm not actually IN the car apart from getting to where I need to go and home again. I'm a forester! Unusual fir a woman and the guys all have their massive sandwiches and crisps and fizzy pop with them. All things I need to avoid! We can walk hours away from the vehicle during the day so hopefully you see my predicament!


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wow, what an exciting job, food is tricky though - i've trebled my tupperware collection since starting dukan.

The galettes and muffins keep really well, and are easily transportable but a lot of the stuff i take for lunch goes in the fridge at work. The coolbox idea might work though. You can get those lunchbox sized ones, with a couple of small ice bricks they might be ok.


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ooooh I am glad I dared ask MM... what an interesting profession indeed! Hope some of the ideas help you out :D


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Hey Mandy that should be perfectly manageable. I have not yet poisoned myself despite being in an office without access to a fridge. Most things keep really well as long as they are properly cooked. They might not taste quite as nice if not really cold (yoghurt is like that for me), but they will be safe. As suggested, you can get really small cool packs that won't weigh you down (about the size of those individual ketchup sachets you get in cafes) - I have seen them sold in John Lewis.
This morning I put a couple of them frozen into my (insulated) lunch bag at about 7am, they are defrosted now at 12 but everything in there is still pretty cool and will be so for a few hours yet - it of course helps if you keep everything in the fridge before packing your lunch.

If you're concerned about the extra weight - freeze a small water bottle and use that instead, and you can then drink it when defrosted at lunch time.

As for what to take, let your imagination run! Anything can be baked into a crustless quiche: chicken, ham, veg for PV days. You could even make an oatbran base using the normal galette recipe and pre-baking for 20 mins.
Cold meats with mustard sauce (I am having a few slices of beef today).
Any fish, hot smoked, or tinned. I pile a bed of lettuce leaves and tomatoes into a 'tupperware' box, season a little, sprinkle with vinegar and the put the fish on top. Put a lid on and it's ready to go - remember to pack a fork!

For quicker eating options think fingerfood: beefburgers, chicken legs, boiled eggs, surimi sticks (in limited amounts)

Invest in some of those 'lock&lock' type poxes - they really are watertight and I carry 'saucy' things (yoghurt, sauces made with fromage frais, soups etc) in them with no problems.

Good luck! We'll be waiting to hear how you get on.