Out of date Shakes (TFR)


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Hi everyone.
Can anyone advise me. I started tfr 5 days ago and feeling great. Down about 9 lbs but...i have been including the odd out of date shake in my day. As this is a dry food product do you think its safe. Some are 5 months out of date...some 3, some 2 etc...(I was pregnant last year and have an old stash i never got to use)
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You really shouldnt use out of date shakes honey, as they lose most if not all of their nutritional values and you won't be getting what you should x


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It is just a powder and as long as the packs are sealed then there shouldnt be any problem in using them. The vitamin content may have degraded a bit, and if that worries you take a vitamin pill, but get the ones from Boots that have 50% rda Vit A so that you dont overdose on A.