Out of Order CD Counsellor


Well Im not surprised a Cd Counsellor doesnt want to give you bars as she doesnt make more money and I am not surprised some counsellors dont get soups and other varieties cause they know most people fail on the diet and only every buy 1 or 2 weeks worth of products then they are stuck with them. As a LL and CD for over 2 years and having visiting 4 different Counsellors ive seen it all. It only takes 25 pounds to become certified and also I think it shows that some CD Counsellor put no effort into the Counsellor part of the job and its really sad to say. I am sure someone has heard one awful story after the other. If you get a good Counsellor they will have everything and they WILL GET CUSTOMERS COMING BACK AND STICKING TO THE DIET. That is the whole point but sadly since they put no effort into keeping people on the diet and all they really care about is making alittle money then yes a counsellor like that wouldnt have all the products. Im sad to say the lady I have been buying my food from and the only local person to buy food from is exactly like that. Ive pretty much had to keep her up to date with products and been her only full on client for over a year. But she really took the biscuit last friday when i went to get my weekly food. Ive started restarted the diet i dont know how many times but i do believe in it but no way what so ever rely on her to get me through it. I was having an awful week last week and cheated for 2 days but got right back on and was in day 4 when i went for more food. The first thing I said was to her was I cheat on Monday and she says "oh doesnt surprise me" and went about her business. Now not only am I a great customer no weighing, measuring, counseling, in and out under 10 min, and been loyal for over a year and a half and spend close to 50.00 per week. I just wanted to slap her. How dare she she. You cant tell me its worth me paying 1.55 per pack when it cant poss cost them more then 20p per pack to produce to listen to that. I have binged for the past 5 days now i mean big binges and tomorrow getting back on track but to be honest with you I am actually disgusted to even go and see her this weekend. Just digusted on her behavior and actually dont even fill shes worth paying the 1.55. I am in no ways being negative towards the diet i do believe it works I just wish they had better Counsellors or they sold it to people who have been on it along time at a cheaper price. I really feel im being ripped off and will put a full complaint into the company. Just felt like I had to get that off my chest.
I think the only way to get rid of bad counsellors is to let CD know about them directly hun so putting in a complaint may be the right thing for you to do.....As for the binge, well you already know you can start again tomoro do that..

I wish there was a CDC closer to me than my one actually is...there doesnt seem to be enough so the ones that arent as good are still in business! Good luck tomoro...

Kazz is absolutely right.

Cambridge can do nothing without people telling them so I would send the details to Lisa at Cambridge and she can investigate.

Thanks Kass
yeah 2morrow new day just had to get it off my chest its shame more counsellors arent around but life goes on.
Sorry that is Lisa Carter and she overseas all the counsellors for the company.

She will investigate any cases of poor counselling and deal with appropriately.

I think it might be well worth you speaking to your counsellor - give her the opportunity to apologise if nothing else. She may well not have realised how much she upset you. And if you are still not happy, then I think you are well within your rights to complain to head office.

Thanks Kass
yeah 2morrow new day just had to get it off my chest its shame more counsellors arent around but life goes on.

Perhaps something to aim for as a positive? You know from personal experience what effect a 'bad' counsellor can have, so perhaps when you get to your goal weight you would consider being a counsellor yourself?
She is th only person i can get my food from and if i complain i am her only regular customer so not going to be hard to figure out who complained. i will say something to her on sat but what i paying her, shes not worth it. shame they just dont sell it in the shops for the fraction of the price esp for people who have done it for so long and dont really need the Counsellor.
Hello Dee,

You have come to me of a few occasions as you have not been able to get your diet. I have always weighed and measured you and picked you up from the station when possible and supplied you with the product you have needed depending on your height and weight.

I know I am a distance from you yet I feel I am being classed in amongst the others? which I really do not feel is appropriate - do you??

If you are unhappy with your local CDC's yes contact Kerensa Preedy-Houston on [email protected].

CDC's are independent business people and as such operate in our own way, of course within CD's code of conduct.

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Hi Linda
My intent was not to degrade every cd counsellor or give names of people my objection was 1. to voice true concerns things i have witness for myself 2. get my anger of my chest, 3. not to put anyone off the diet. I reccomond this diet to loads of people and believe it it 100% what you put into something it what you get out of it. I dont blame my failures on a good or bad cousellor but I think if they are going to charge more effort needs to be put in all across the board. If I lived closer to you Linda I would have no problem getting food from you as you know when i have been in desperate situations I have treked the 1 hour there and 1 hour back to get food i think on 3 different occasions. But its a shame I live in central London and you are the only quality CD person around. Also i feel if you have experiences you should be able to voice your opionion next time i will not use such a sharp tougue but it is in my nature. If any offense was taken then apologies.
Okay Dee, I understand where you are coming from. It did seem a general criticism of all counsellors when I first read it. As Mike has said and I have given you the email addy of Lisa, please voice your concerns to her.

As CDC's we do aim to assist and help our clients all through their weightloss journey, if you are disatisfied please either air your concerns to your CDC to give her the opportunity to respond or contact Lisa Carter.

No one should feel let down.

I think I have been very lucky with my CDC, she carries every flavour available in shakes, bars and soups, has the water flavourings, tetras and the mix a mousse. She has also been very supportive and has explained everything.

I am so glad I got in contact with her, and dont know what I'd do without her now :)

Hi, What you've said makes a lot of sense to me. I chose to do this diet and would like to think that the CDC would make no difference to my success or failure. But actually, that hasn't been the case. There are 2 CDC that I could go to. I called both to see where exactly they were before I went. Only one responded and boy was I lucky.

My CDC carries ALL the range. On the one time she didn't have something she was mortified and offered to drop it off at my house (30 mins drive away).

But the most important part is that she is very non judgmental and supportive. All the way through, she believed I could do this. Even when I didn't think so. It's been that quiet conviction that I was aiming for an achievable target that has provided me with support and helped during tough times. Sometimes, I thought, no I'm not doing this because I don't want to let her down cos she thinks I can do this.

I can see that there are lots of CDC's here who share her philosophy and are running what I think of as ethical businesses. They are doing this because it worked for them and they want to share this with others and help them too.

I would say that if you're looking for a CDC, that's the person you want otherwise go to another CDC.

I know how desperate I was before I got to CD, it was my last stop before surgery. And I'm so fortunate to have got someone good.

I hope you get to your goal weight and set up as a CDC in your area because just think of all the people who could have succeeded with a bit of help who now think they've tried CD and that didn't work either.
I can I also say how wonderful my CDC is. I'm only on day 5 but I've already spoken to her twice on the phone (she rang me), and both times the phone call lasted a good 20-30 minutes. Even before I started the diet I range 3 times and again each phone call lasted a good 20 minutes. I've also had an e-mail fromn her practically everyday. Last Friday I picked up every flavour going (except the bars -s she wouldn't let me have them meanie LOL - can't wait for my third week to try them out LOL).

Without my CDC and without the support from you guys, I'm not sure I could have gotten this far.
Hi Dee,

I can sympathise with your situation, but is there any way of acquiring your packs from a different counsellor and seeing said counsellor for a weigh and measure every two weeks say? That would cut down on teh cost of travel, but you could stay in phone contact. It seems your CDC doesn't work for you and in my opinion a good CDC is key to success or failure of some who undertake the diet, me included as I lack self-confidence and belief.

I've already chronicled my gripes with my CDC, however deep deep down I believe she is a good Cambridge Diet Agent (but I have yet to truly have any counselling from her) as she has really had some flippin fantastic results - I just think she can't really see why I come to her.... but I do like her and if I were succeeding I think she'd regain that belief and relationship with me. May be it's the same with your current counsellor?

From what I can see you have four options:

1) Discuss your feelings with your CDC and hope for change
2) Complain to CD HQ, but as you say she'd know who complained, so may be 1) is the better option and if you have no luck then try 2)
3) Continue as before - but utilise the GREAT people on here for support
4) Find another CDC, see her every fortnight (to cut down on travel costs), utilise people on Minis for support. Find yourself a buddy with whom you can have telephone/MSN contact with may be?

I'm making the most of the good inspirational folk on here until I've regained my CDC's belief and respect. Lets face it 7 months of farting around and making excuses hasn't helped me, little wonder my CDC is the way she is with me.
The longer you and I leave it, the older and harder I/it gets ....

Open up a diary and I promise I'll go to efforts to post on it everyday to offer you support ... howzat?!

Think about it.

Much love and support ......
P.S - Linda. I think you are a fine, BRILLIANT example of what a CDC is and should be; you've had your own struggle, you've coped, and now you are on the other side of the fence offering support.

I didn't think Dee was generalising in her initial post, I thought she was being very specific about one Cambridge Diet Counsellor (or should that be Cambridge Diet Agent) in particular.

Just my 2p.

Hello All,

Apologies for any bad experiences any of you may have had but please note that not all counsellors can be tarred with the same brush and that it does take quite a bit more than simply paying £25 to become a CDC.

We do encourage you to report bad experiences to us - please feel free to contact me on [email protected].

Many thanks,
Kerensa - Cambridge Health & Weigth Plan
Hello all,

My CDC is not great (but I'm not going to go on to slate her on here) She supplies the full range of product (for £1.60 an item!) - however no counselling! When I need advice, I come to this site and the pink one. I prefer to get a range of experiences anyhow, then make my decision.

My point is, and this may seem harsh....

We all need to learn to take responsibilities for our actions.

It is not the fault of your CDC if you go off and binge, even if you think that her comments made you feel bad, that is your interpretation of the events, she did not pin you to the sofa and force food down your throat!

I'm not disputing that some good advice and encouragement won't spur you on. But ultimately it is only you who can control your body.

If you really feel that some hurtful words can send you off on a binge (or other destructive behaviour) then you should look into some cognitive behavioural therapy whilst on SS, or you will still face this danger when you come off the diet and risk undoing all your hard work. As far as I am aware CD does not promise you this kind of counselling? Though a CDC may correct me?

I truly hope that nobody takes offence at this post. It is not directed at any individual post but just my opinion on where your head needs to be whilst on this kind of diet.

My CDC seems fine. She only had 3 soup flavours and no tetra's but I think she said that someone came before me and cleaned her out! I havn't had a phone call from her but she did say that if I needed anything, I only had to ring. She made me feel comfortable and she was very approachable. She talked me through any possible side effects and said that I should drink plenty of water. I am also just under 5'8 and she was concerned that 3 packs were not enough and warned me that if I was feeling ill, I was more than welcome to come and get some more. On the whole I like her. I will see what happens next week and hopefully she will have some more soups.
What does a CDC have to do as a minimum?

Is there a minimum consultency time?

Do they have to counsel or are they just there to tell you have to do the diet practically and sell you the product?

Do they have to have counselling training?

It doesn't matter what the programme, you are always going to get a few bad eggs but at least with CD there are usually a couple of CDC's within striking distance so you get a choice. :)