Out of the club.


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I have decided to stop cambridge today after my dr. appointment. It appears that I am having liver problems and need to sort out some things medically.

Just wanted to say a BIG, HUGE Thank you to everyone on here who has given me advice and support.:D :D You are all brilliant and I wish everyone the best of luck on your journeys.

I plan on coming back as soon as I can--so I am not going for good, just a break so to speak. But until my liver wants to be good and do its job, I will be CD free.

THANKS again for being such a wonderful and supportive community.

Take care of yourself Kris, and still pop on and post and keep us updated.

Oh dear!

Well take care of yourself and come back soon!
You poor thing, I hope the liver problem gets sorted out quickly. Take care of yourself, health comes before everything else, and I hope we'll still see you around here.
Hi Kris,

Very sorry to hear you have problems with your liver, I do hope you get it all sorted and I will be lighing my candles for you so that all will be well.

Never a good time to be unwell, but somehow around Chrismtas makes it feel worse.

You have done well on losing your weight so far and have you a plan to keep it off?

Love Mini xxx
Sorry to hear you're having health problems PM ... your health and well-being are paramount though so it's wise to take a break from CD until things are sorted.

As Mrs T says though, you don't have to be dieting to post (I'm certainly not dieting at the moment ... well, that is unless CD have changed the rules and included chocolate santas on AAM!! :p ) so pop in and keep us posted! :)
i'll just echo what everyone else has said, look after yourself & get your health in tip top condition & only then decide if your ready to do CD again
good luck hun, carry on posting & keep us up to date on how things are going xx:)
Hi Kris,
Sorry to hear that, I know its been a struggle getting everything together that you need to do the CD there in Sweden. Hope you get sorted out soon !
PF, Im gutted for you, but your health comes first, get yourself tip top x

And, dont be a stranger, Im on maintenece and it doesnt stop me posting!!!!
Thanks for the good wishes everyone. Havent meant to be a stranger but I was a brides maid at a wedding so had lots of duties, plus just feeling tired.

Had loads of blood tests and getting the results tuesday. Shed lots of tears as none of the options really sound that good. But life goes on and everyone is being supportive and doing their best to keep me laughing. As I have an odd sense of humour, my partner and friends are cracking jokes on my lovely yellow jaundice and comparing me to the Simpsons and Tim Burton characters (apparently I am more Marge than Lisa).

ANyway, thanks again for all your kind words and generous warm wishes. I will keep you posted...