Out with the flab - in with the size ten!

Discussion in 'Weight Loss Diaries' started by lisi, 14 January 2012 Social URL.

  1. lisi

    lisi Full Member

    So its my first week on weight watchers (properly) following the festivites.

    Very happy to report I've lost 4lbs. Been a mixture of emotions - elated I've lost the weight and I'm finally back on track. I do miss bingeing though (but that is not the way to be!!)

    Hope to report a further weight loss next Friday

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  3. slimsarah

    slimsarah Silver Member

    Hello... welcome and good luck xxx
  4. lisi

    lisi Full Member

    The weekend has gone well. I've managed to stick within my points (I'm doing the old points) haven't quite got round to any exercise though. That starts tomorrow. Lol.
    Made myself some lovely 0 point soup to fill me up when I'm a bit peckish and feel the need to snack...Makes all the difference.
  5. lisi

    lisi Full Member

    Week 2 going well on on the diet - hope for a good weigh in on Friday :)
  6. lisi

    lisi Full Member

    Week 3 didn't go so well. Went on a jolly to Prague (Much drinking and eating) and managed to gain 4lbs. Gutted about that. Weighing in at 11.10lbs this week and I'm ON IT!!
  7. Sweethearts

    Sweethearts Gold Member

    Hard work this week and you'll have that off in no time x
  8. lisi

    lisi Full Member

    Thanks hun :)
  9. lisi

    lisi Full Member

    Was a bit naughty while watching telly last night after work :( But, today - so far so good!!

    Why is it so hard to get back into it? I'm feeling bloated, my trousers are tight and I'm deffo sporting a muffin top - but there I go and stuff my face anyway while thinking 'tomorrow is another day'...I've been saying that for months!! This needs to stop now! Lol.
  10. lisi

    lisi Full Member

    Well - so far so good this week foodwise and exercise. Lets hope this can continue until WI day...Not much else to report other than I am shattered!! Lol.
  11. lisi

    lisi Full Member

    Another good day foodwise today - also chose to park in the furthest car park away from town so I could walk in which took me about 15 minutes (uphill) I'm rather proud. I've stuck to my points today as well. Looking forward to WI in this week - think when I get the chance I shall post some progress pictures :D 'From start to finish'....
  12. lisi

    lisi Full Member

    Good result for WI this week - 2lbs loss. Very happy with it :) Hope to reach my goal of losing 6lbs in February - Fingers crossed.
    Had a lovely meal tonight for my mum's birthday which I made. Coq Au Vin with garlic roasted potatoes and steamed veggies. Works at around 7 points, but as I split my portion with my sister its a bargain 3.5...Few cheeky 2 point vodka's tonight with diet coke ;)

    I've finally managed to get online at home so thought I'd post a few pictures :D
    The first was taken January 2011 and the second was taken in April 2011....Weight has fluctuated since...I'll find a full length one from recent times :)

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  13. lisi

    lisi Full Member

    Me - December 2011. On the left :)


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  14. erin87

    erin87 Full Member

    Good luck with your weight loss. Have to say looking good in the photos, was the second one a special occasion? cos I love the dress!

    I know so much how hard it is to get into the right frame of mind sometimes, its so hard to say no to the cravings most of the time. Try writing it all down? I find that helps me as it's so embarrassing to write everything down when it's all naughty lol.
  15. Maybride2011

    Maybride2011 Full Member

    Just found ya diary and subscribed glad I've found another DP followers diary to read apart from my own lol!! Well done on your amazing loss go you!! You look stunning in the pictures you've done amazing all about PMA keep it up Hun and good luck will check by too see how your getting on :) xx
  16. lisi

    lisi Full Member

    Thank you both :) Writing things down deffo helps me :) I carry my tracker everywhere. Lol.

    Erin, the pink dress is from River Island and the teal one is from Miss Selfridge :) Pink was for my work do and the other was just for a night out.

    I've not had a great day today. I was hungry when I woke up for my night shift and in a rush so I grabbed a 'Cheese and bacon puff'...Ooops!! I do have my sandwiches and salad for my long shift and I am resisting the urge to go to the vending machine. Lol.

    Sunday dinner out with the family tomorrow but that will be my only meal apart from 0 point soup. Don't want to undo the hardwork :D
  17. lisi

    lisi Full Member

    Being on a nightshift really hasn't helped me tonight :( I succumbed to the temptation of the vending machine and ate a tuna & mayo sandwich (even though i had brought in my own salad and sandwiches for the 14 hour shift) Oh well, draw a line under it and start afresh tomorrow. Looking forward to my pointed sunday dinner with the family.
  18. erin87

    erin87 Full Member

    Everyone has bad days, it's making sure you get back to the plan that will avoid any gains! Hope dinner was nice.
  19. lisi

    lisi Full Member

    Drew a line under it Erin and started afresh yesterday :) Dinner was lovely.

    Stuck to the plan today - found I had 2.5 points left over after dinner tonight so had a WW yoghurt and a WW cake bar :D Was a nice little end to the day.

    Looking forward to lunch tomorrow - 4 points of boiled potato, ham and a nice salad. Yummy...
  20. lisi

    lisi Full Member

    Good day today :) I didn't manage any exercise unfortunately as I didn't get back from work until gone half 6 this evening. (Excuses, excuses)

    Made up a big batch of 0 point soup. Had that with a pitta and laughing cow cheese (0.5 per triangle) so had two of them instead of my usual butter and filled the pitta with some salad and ham and mayo :D A very pleasant 4 point evening meal. My microwave decided to die on me this evening :( So will need to cook the old way - Hob...Hahaha..Might have to re-think tomorrows oats as i dont have time to cook them on the hob thats for sure - toast and butter it will be for me.

    Hope for a good weigh in this week. Must take the dog for a walk tomorrow.
  21. lisi

    lisi Full Member

    Good day diet wise and exercise wise today - Ate within my points. Ended up having toast, butter and a banana for my breakfast which worked out the same as my oats :) 2 slices of toast tomorrow with some butter I think.
    Walked the dog for 40 minutes so very happy with that. Scales have low battery but I hope its just a blip as I'm really curious for Friday's weigh in :D
    Some points left for tonight - tangerine 0.5 and a yoghurt - 1 for me :D

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