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Oven temperature for smash pizza??


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I've made the pizza twice and I just guessed what temperature to cook the base at :eek: I put my oven on 220, cooked it 10 mins either side, then put the topping on. It turned out really well - was yummy infact :D

Good luck

p.s. my oven isn't a fan oven btw


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Try using a pizza stone, they are great for cooking a base correctly.

Pete’s Pizza made from Instant Mash (3)

Use 125g from a pack of Sainsbury Instant Mash (250g)
One Tsp of mixed herbs.
Mix together then add hot water until the mix is like bread doe.
Add 1 egg and mix.
Spray a Flat Pan with 3-4 Fry Light shots, wipe across pan.
Press the mix into the pan and cover in clingfilm, rolling out with a rolling pin as thin as possible, remove clingfilm.
Cook one side until light brown then slide onto a flat plate with care, add 2-3 Fry Lights then return the pizza base and cook other side 3-6 mins depends on thickness.
Allow to cool on a cake rack.

Put Passata in a pan enough to cover Pizza base, add 1 TSP Tomato Puree and a few drops of “Worcester Sauce”,add chopped basil leaves, heat till thickened but DO NOT BOIL.
Coat the Pizza base with the Passata, cook your onion in balsamic vinegar until soft, add to base.
Add your choice of “Toppings”

This was my choice of Toppings : 5balls/40g Mozzarella, 1 slices of Lean Ham, 2 Mushrooms, sprinkled with 28g of Mild Hard Cheddar and place on Pre Heated Pizza Stone at 180/190 and cook until the cheese is bubbling.

Eat with Salad.

Sainsburys Ham Sainsburys
7 wafer thin breaded Ham slices Cows Milk Mozzarella

Per 1 slice Per 5 balls/ 40g

Cal=18 Kcal=81.6
Fat=0.2g Fat=6.16g
Total Sugar=0.3g Sugar=0.5g
Salt=0.4g Salt=0.43g
Sat Fat=trace Sat Fat=4.0g

Sainsburys Sainsburys Mash
Mild Hard Cheese

Per 28g Per 100g

Kcal=110 Cal=18
Fat=9.1g Fat=0.2g
Total Sugar=0.2g Total Sugar=0.3g
Salt=0.5g Salt=0.4g
Sat Fat=6.2g Sat Fat= Trace


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