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Over half way there!!


Totally Focused
Something of a milestone hit today! I'm over half way to goal - I've now lost 96lbs and have 91lbs to go! Also my BMI has gone below 40 and I am no longer Class 3 obese - only Class 2 obese!

I'm hoping that I've turned a corner after the recent doldrums with weight loss. 3lbs off this week - which is acceptable but not as good as I would like, considering I'm still sticking to SS 100%! On the very positive side, all my size 20 clothes are getting looser......! Considering I've come down from a 30/32, I'm delighted!!

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Congratulations Chris, on 2 fantastic milestones.


I ♥ CD !!
thats fantastic Chris you must feel wonderful about your weightloss :D:D


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Oh how fantastic. This diet really is the best for those of us with a lot to lose, even though it's so tough at times. You must feel fantastic.:flowers:
:flowers::grouphugg:awe bless you, you have done so well!

you have such a alot to deal with, and you have come through it, you are such a great inspiration .. i could kiss you :)
Grandma, you are a legend xxx


getting slimmer
well done grandma - ken would be proud!! x
well done thats amazing xx


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Wow well done xx
Hi Grandma, well done you should be so proud of yourself. You will be at goal in no time as you have beaten most of your targets so far.
Well done Chris!

Hope things are getting a little easier for you - take good care


now got pictures in album
you have done absolutely amazing, i think we need to see pictures!!! :D


Totally Focused
you have done absolutely amazing, i think we need to see pictures!!! :D

If you go to my profile albums you'll see the latest pictures I have - the last was 4 weeks ago. I'll try to get my daughter to take one of me tomorrow when I go out with her!


Totally Focused
Thanks everybody for your encouragement. And, yes, Missf, Ken would be very proud! I have a text from him taken just before he died telling me how good I was looking. I treasure that! I'm not sure about being a legend though!! I was always focused on CD - even more so now as I have to succeed in Ken's memory. That is so important to me and he would have been so disappointed if I had given up because he's not here! Thanks for your wishes, Helen. I can't say its easier - in some ways its harder as the reality of 'forever' is beginning to settle in. It can only get better though, with time, as I learn to live without Ken in my life. At the moment, the future is still looking very bleak as I'm not good at doing things on my own. But I'm sure that even that will look better as time goes by. I can't make any decisions about my future at the moment - that has to wait until I'm less emotional and more able to think rationally!

Again, thank you all for your love, care and supportive messages. I do appreciate it all.
Well done Chris, I'm so pleased for you. You really are an amazing lady to stick to CD whilst coping with everything that has happened. Hope you're as proud of yourself as Ken would have been.

Take care sweetie

Lisa x

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