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Over the Rainbow


I will be a Princess!
Hi all!

Well I've just watched the final of Over the Rainbow. Anybody else watch the final? I personally think it's a big fat fix!!! :mad: The Lord wanted that particular girl all along, despite her horrendous shouting through most songs, arghhhh!! :argh: Not impressed! She's not a patch on Jodie Prenger mind from the Oliver show. Something about her completely gets my back up...don't think I'll be buying a ticket for this show anyway.

Sorry, rant over!!! :8855:

Sian xxx
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I preferred the wee red head to be honest, and Lauren, both were better. It's a shame but I guess she has some what of a talent. Really hope the other girls get a chance at something big in the mean time.


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I preferred Sophie, but Danielle is good too. I do think that Danielle's songs in the final were more suited to the West End and showed off her abilities better than Sophie's songs.
There's something a bit 'false' (for want of a better word) about Danielle's 'I'm just a little girl in the big wide world act' MIAOWWW!!!


I will be a Princess!
Morning all!! I know that the other girls will do well also...would just have liked Sophie to win though :) Got to show a bit of patriotism and all that. Plus she's got a really sweet little voice, although I agree about wanting Steph to win :)

Whenever these shows come on the panel and ALW make it very obvious who they want for the role, and can quite often ignore the other contestants - don't like that at all! Makes me wonder whether the results every week are actually the true results - easy enough to doctor phone in results I would have thought. When you look at some of the combinations for bottom two over the last few weeks, I'm sure that they've pitted one they like against somebody else to make it easier to get rid of the other person. Hmmm...nothing like being cynical is there! :8855:

Oh well, no point getting het up about it! :D

Sian xx


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I wanted Danielle to win, and glad she did.
I, personally found her more natural, but that is just my opinion.


I will be a Princess!
Avisk - there wasn't really any need for the sarcasm. I'm well aware of the controversy over TV shows. My point was that I don't really like the way ALW shows favouritism all the way through as it probably tends to influence the public's opinion quite a lot. He should be impartial really, and I don't think he is, so some of the contestants get a pretty raw deal

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