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overhearing negative comments about you

well, I have had a kick up the butt - ensuring that I stick to the diet this time.

Yesterday, I overheard some colleagues talking about how overweight I was :cry: - while I know that I am overweight, hearing someone else discuss it really hurt.

I thought I could either let these comments destroy me, and go on an eating binge, or, I could stick to something I have been trying to do for the last 5 months (rather unsuccessfuly so far).

So, I am now more determined than ever to show those b*stards what I am capable of.

**just thought I'd share**
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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Well done Aussiebug.................you show em girl...

Some people can be so bitchy.....keep postin on here all the support you need will be here for you hun x.


is gonna shine in 2009
you show em x
:hug99:Don't let narrow minded people get you down!!!

Obviously they having nothing better to discuss and they are giving someone else a break!
Proove them wrong and hold your head up high.

People like that are not worth it!!!


Loooooves MiniMins
You're absolutely right, don't let them get to you let it motivate you instead, why are some ppl so mean and why do ppl insist on talking about other ppl behind their backs? Unfortunately they do and it sux but you have the right attitude and well done for losing 12lbs so far! Keep it going, chin up :D


I will get to goal .....
Aussiebug you can do this hun ....!!! Use this as a positive to help keep you on track. You'll be slim in no time and then they can all eat their words. Hold you head up high and do it!! xx


Got to stop eating!
I used to turn round to people who were bitchy and say "I can lose weight, you'll always be ugly!" Even if you don't say it think it and it will make you laugh anyway!

Screw them aussiebug... you can.... and will do it! Show them that you really can lose weight and let them remember that they really will always be ugly! (Inside and out!)

You go sweetie.... we're here if you need us!!
And are they stick thin and perfect?

I suspect not. How rude!


2nd Time Lucky!
Glad to see this has motivated you and not discouraged you in any way. Why is it people are obsessed with talking about peoples weight? I know my family always talk about mine, dont people have lifes of their own??? LOL
Let em talk, see if they still talk when your at target and looking oh so fab. As im sure they prob aint no supermodels themselves.

Good luck xx
People!! Grrrr! Don't let them get to you; you are far nicer to know than those nasty gossipy types.

You are also a lot more than just a weight on the scales; don't let your weight define you, you are better than that and them!!

Were the people you overheard talking about you being overweight actually being nasty about you?

Sometimes it is too easy to be over-sensitive when you are unhappy at being overweight. Obviously people notice if you are overweight and I think it can be a fairly natural thing to notice or comment on. I've commented myself to my sister that my other sister had dramatically put weight on. I wasn't being nasty - just making an observation. In the same way last year I put weight on quickly so people at work probably commented among themselves about it - not being nasty - just naturally noticing it and probably wondering why I had become overweight.

Sometimes I've walked down the street and seen an emormous woman with a stunningly beatiful face and said to my hubby that it is such a shame they are overweight when they are otherwise so beautiful (obviously not within their earshot).

I hope what you overheard wasn't meant to be nasty and, from what you have said about being hurt at hearing someone else commenting on it, it does sound like you may be a little sensitve about this issue (perhaps understandably too). They would probably be horrified if they knew how hurt you were by their comments.

Good on you for turning it around and trying to take something positive from it.
I once read that what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, and now its my motto. Comments like this ARE hurtful. I would be VERY hurt although I know full well they're true. Use the hurt to keep you on target.

As for the people who commented? Don't give them another thought. There must be something missing in their own lives if they're so interested in yours.

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