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overnight weight gain - help

i must apologise that this is my first post in advance.

i have been maintaining my weight around 57.30kg for the last 2 weeks or so which has been fine. last night i gave in and ate a bowl of bran flakes before i went to bed, roughly 300 calories more than my daily average intake. i've woken up this morning and checked my weight; i've gained about 1.30kg roughly.

is this simply a temporary weight gain (gone by tomorrows weigh in) and nothing to worry about or is it something more sinisister? how can i have gained 1.30kg overnight? do bran flakes simply take longer to digest or something?

thanks for your help!
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The trouble with eating before sleep is that your digestive system will want to rest not work while you are asleep so it may not have properly digested. Be careful about what you have today and you should be fine for tomorrows WI.

Welcome to the forum, what plan are you following? x
hi, thanks for the reply and the welcome.

so if i restrict a little today you think i'll be back down to 57.30kg or thereabouts tomorrow? and i'm not really following any plan to be honest.


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There's no way of knowing for sure but if I have a sudden leap on my scales I just try to cut back a little and see if that helps


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Taz is right, the carbs you ate last night wont digest overnight...and bran flakes are slow to digest because of the fibre etc...but will have probably gone by this morning :D
Hi, personally if I have a sudden leap on the scales, I kick them, usually works a treat! Also, I honestly try not to weigh myself every day, it gets too obsessive (for me) and it can ruin my day to think I've put on a bit when I know over a week, it will probably even itself out.
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Weight can shoot up or down up to 6lbs in a single day depending on how much liquid or food from the previous day is still in your system, too. I wouldn't worry about weighing in daily, more a once per week thing, seems as you can fluxuate so much on a day to day basis. Just my two cents. I'd bum myself out!

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