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I've hurt my lower leg. I went swimming and noticed my shin getting sore, walked home and it was a little more sore, rested on my brothers sofa for an hour or so and it was throbbing sore so felt down my leg in the area and where the pain is coming from is a big dip!! Tried to walk home and it was agony the 5 minute walk took me 30 minutes. Have took a big dose of pain relief stuff which was left over from my shoulder op yet its still throbbing in the front of my leg. Wondering if I've torn a muscle or something? it can't be broken 'cos all though very painful I can walk. God only knows what I done I was only bloomin' swimming its hardly an impact sport :8855:

Going to ring the Dr first thing in the morning and see if the on-call doc will see me.
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Have you spoken to them? Is it any better?
Did you bang it at all? Sounds like shin splints. I've had this when jogging for the first time in ages. Not sure what it is or what causes it but it does go eventually. It's a weird pain though A real throb!!
Really hope you start feeling better soon.



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Yeah the googling I did on it brings up shin splints or stress fractures. I vaguely remember my leg twisting a bit funny in the shallow end of the pool when I finished a lap but it didn't hurt at the time just felt a weird angle like a spasm or something I don't know really. My whole lower leg is throbbing at the moment.

Feel a bit silly really.


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Don't feel silly, these things happen. In the water your leg would have been supported more so you may not have noticed it as much.

Get to docs hun, let us know whats happened x


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nurse on phone says just a sprain and take ibruprofen. I took 60mg codeine, 2 x 500mg paracetamol and 800mg ibruprofen and it hurts like hell still. says x-ray is pointless.


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If you're not happy go to the hospital. Nurse on the phone can't diagnose anything, grr makes me a bit mad.

Doesn't sound like a sprain to me! Get to hospital


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now booking a taxi. I've had a bad experience with a telephone consultation before my mum rang the on call doctor years back saying I was in agony, high temperature etc and because I had ME the Doc said oh ME isn't real so leave her be there's nothing wrong, a while later I got so sick mum called an ambulance my temperature was so high it was off the scale they couldn't even get a reading, i was blue lighted to the hosp where I was on 2 to 1 nursing care with suspected meningitis. If we'd listened to the doc on the phone i probably would have died.
Sounds like shin splints, strange to get it while swimming though! Dunno how you could sprain something where you're saying you're hurt... Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor :D

Good luck at the hospital, but it'll probably be a course of rest and painkillers, and maybe some icing (mmmmm, icing)


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I hope everything is alright! and your getting it looked at atm! though i know how long you have to wait in the ques! :(


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omg that must be so sore hope everything is ok ((HUGS))


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just got in! thanks for all the messages :D the nurse on the phone I spoke to this morning talked about a sprain and told me to wiggle my foot and said since I could then its not my achilles tendon, I thought to myself what the hell? the achilles tendon is on the back on your ankle the pain I'm getting is 1/3 way up my shin even I know it can't be related to the achilles tendon.

Well I'm on crutches for a while so no exercise eeek


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best to rest , there shall be plenty of time for exercise when your feeling better :)

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Hope it feels better soon - I got shin splints doing the Moonwalk last June - I didn't know you could get them just walking! I couldn't take more than 2 steps without nearly passing out in pain (and I'm certainly not the passing out type!) so I know how much it hurts - lots of rest :)


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loads better now thanks, I spent just under a week on crutches and now its fine again :D glad to be rid of those things lol

I want to do the Moonwalk next year :D

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