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Discussion in 'Paleo / Primal Diet' started by RachealG21, 26 July 2012 Social URL.

  1. RachealG21

    RachealG21 Full Member

    OK so I am a seasoned minimin-er but I am now under a new username as I wanted a complete fresh start with no reminders of past losses and failures etc.

    I decided that enough was enough with VLCD's, starving, slimming clubs, no carbs etc etc and booked myself in with a personal trainer to shift my weight once and for all and more importantly SAFELY and PERMANENTLY.

    He has put together a training programme for me and advised me to start the paleo diet. In all my researching I have also discovered question is, are they one of the same?

    Also any stories, tips, recipes or links would be massively appreciated
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  3. greeneyedhippychick

    greeneyedhippychick Full Member

    There's a lot of free information on the internet Racheal. Check out Mark's Daily Apple and Everday Paleo for a starter. It's a great way of eating and really easy to maintain.
  4. RachealG21

    RachealG21 Full Member

    Thanks everyone, I have joined Marks Daily Apple and my trainer has sent me paleo information. Which one would be better for weight loss? I have a week of low GI food left to get through so I am going to be working on a months worth of paleo meal plans so there is no room for excuses! I am, however going to adhere to the 80/20 rule so I don't lose my marbles.

    My training programme is
    6 days strength training
    7 days cardio/light cardio on 2 days for rest
  5. greeneyedhippychick

    greeneyedhippychick Full Member

    I'm thinking it would be better to go with the more lenient Primal approach first and see how you get on. If you're finding that it's easy you can always switch to Paleo at a later stage. I eat Paleo 95% of the time and find it really lovely though I probably do eat rather too much fruit. You'll find a good weight loss with either lifestyle. Good luck. Remember to vary your foods. It keeps it interesting and enjoyable.
  6. RachealG21

    RachealG21 Full Member

    I have been following your posts and stealing recipes from you for ideas haha
    as a former atkinser, I am looking forward to being allowed fruit!
  7. ecorinne

    ecorinne New Member

    I was trying to easily (and cheaply) switch my eating to paleo for a while, the best advice I can give you to begin is to complete a test (easy to find online) of what your metabolic type is. Another thing to do is evaluate your cooking abilities and see where you can learn new things.

    I was using an online service for a while until I got my own sense of what I liked eating after switching to paleo. You basically submit a day/3-day/week's worth of your current diet and a consultant basically tweaks what you already do to get you on track. I think she also has services where she can coach you during a transition, but I haven't done that. Respond if you'd like the email address.
  8. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    I would keep your fruit minimal for better losses....

    I've ditched most dairy... no milk etc... but I do have the odd sneaky bit of cheese lol...

    God luck!! Make sure you keep up your energy levels..... Thats one hefty exercise regime!!!


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