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Pamper thread


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Can't take credit for this idea, saw it on my new favorite website. Flylady.com.

Along the lines of little and often,
a weekly list of things we are planning to do to pamper ourselves. I mean on this diet we could use a little something right ?

Sunday :- Luxurious bath and pluck eyebrows. Top up hair colour.
Monday :- Pedicure
Tuesday:- Mainicure.
Wednesday:- Exfoliate and fake tan.
Thursday:- Bath, facial and body lotion.
Friday:- Exfoliate and fake tan.
Saturday:- Clear out make up drawer.

What is yours going to be ?:0bathtime:
Friday:- Top up pedicure.
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What's flylady??

Great idea though to space things out over the course of a week it will keep you busy and on track! Xx


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Google it. She is fab lol my new obsession :) Flylady.com. Bit american but very good for us busy women trying to keep it all together. I'm a great clutterer and she deals a lot with sorting clutter and sorting routines to keep house, body and soul together x
I used to follow the flylady thread on MoneySavingExpert.com. I have fallen by the wayside though.

I'm liking the idea of pampering. I follow another thread on MoneySavingExpert called 'No buying unneccessary toiletries.' I have a ridiculous amount of toiletries and am always tempted to buy more. One of the things done on that thread is a PYN (paint your nails) night, to try to use up the many nail polishes that we seem to harbour.

I'm going to do a pedicure tonight. My toenails are shocking!


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OOO will have to have a look at the money saving expert thing .... I have soo many tolietries I could stock boots lol

Got a good thread going on the dectluttering as well.

Enjoy the pampering x
Will I tell you what is really scary? Making a list of all your toiletries, cosmetics etc. I got bought loads of stuff for my 40th, two years ago. I havent bought shower gel or body moisteriser since then! I cant tell you how many hand creams and foot creams I have. Its a disgrace lol.

Away to have a bath and then do my feet :)


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Hi Debbie, Found the thread.

I'd be very embarrased to list all I have, but I intend to have a go! Shameful isn't the word!

Found the Frump to somthing \solitice Diva which is also good.

So thanks for the recommendation much appreciated x
Yeah, the frump to fabulous is also great. I dip in there occasionally, but tend to stick to the no buying thread.

I managed to use up a lush bathbomb that DD bought me for mothers day last year. And a travel size facial moisteriser is spluttering away. My toes are looking lovely with a coat of Revlon Minted.

Are you having a manicure tonight? I might put some clear gloss on. Its our AGM tomorrow, so I'll be schmoozing and working the room after lol. Need to look very polished...v difficult for me!
I spent ages in the shower this morning, exfoliating and then fake tanning. Need to top up my toenails. I am really bad for chipping them...whats that all about??
Chipped toe nails, not a sufferer. Base coat ? or a good top coat ? I had a good pamper in the shower this morning also. Body brushed before I went in. Exfoliated in the shower and had a face mask. Body lotion on afterwards.

Working through my stash. Shower gel down and out today, and also a skin cream. Advantage of that was that I re discovered a skin cream that I had been avoiding which was absolutely lovely. Also gave my mother a body lotion and hair product.

Cant get to grips with the fake tan malarky. Nails are looking tidy though. God bless nail envy.
I have really scaled down on my body lotions! I'm using two at the moment, Dove Summer Glow (fake tan) and Sanctuary Body Oil. I'm liking the Dove so much, I'll probably buy a non fake tan one for the winter.

Managed to finish a travel size Nivea Q10 firming lotion at the weekend. It was rubbish, not buying that again! lol

Have got two good photos that clearly show my weight loss. I'm hoping that they have just uploaded from my blackberry and then I can stick them on Facebook and on here :)

Still didnt get round to do my toenails. I dont bother with base or top, so probably thats why they keep chipping!!
Lol could well be. The using up thread has prompted me to use my products more regularly, outcome more groomed. Enjoying the soak in the bath in the evening and the body lotion slathering after.

Skin care routine in the evening now would be a good idea. Several night creams and eye creams but dont tend to use either. I had a nasty viral infection a couple of weeks ago that affected my skin, so a postponed foray into fake tanning. I'll be ok when I do as I have 6 or so different bottles !

No buying tolietries untill Christmas! at least !
It really does focus the mind, doesnt it? I also have several boxed sets, which I am contemplating 'regifting'. I really want to clear as much of my crap as possible before Christmas.

I need to find a good scrub. I like Soap and Glory, but probably would be better off getting a cheaper one.

I've also been trying to get into a nightime routine. I usually fall into my bed too tired to do anything!!!

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