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Panic Disorder

Years ago I used to panic over all sorts of imaginary things. I could almost see the images in my head. I imagined crashes, police waiting outside the house, plane crashes. Always doom and gloom and had an almost permanent sinking feeling in my stomach.

My symptoms became greater and more varied, coldness when others were hot, always sleepy, slurred speech, pins and needles, my face changed shape, my nails were brittle, but that all pervading feeling of panic and fear were there all the time, I started to pass out.

I was wrongly diagnosed for about a year and finally changed by doctor. It was so easily diagnosed. It was my thyroid. It was under-active. The remedy was so simple I started on a course of thyroxine which was increased on a weekly basis until I reached my present dose of 22 mgs a day.

I have never had the suffered from the panic disorder since and that was many years ago.

I do not know if this is what you wanted to see but it is my only experience of panic disorder.
There's no other symptoms besides the panic.

Thank you replying though :) I'm not expecting anything 'specific' as such :)
Hi zombiecakes

Since January-ish I have been suffering from a panic disorder, which is still undiagnosed (and I feel let down by the NHS in the way it's all been handled) but currently my GP thinks it's PCOS/hormonal....

If you want to chat about it or need advice anything feel free to send me a PM :) xx
My partner has struggle with these for a few years, and two years ago in the end they just took over his life and he had a breakdown. We are lucky in that we have private health care and he was seen at the priory, He has been doing CBT ever since then, and is on two different lots of medication but it is now under control. Have you looked up GAD? general anxiety disorder? I have never personally suffered with it, but having supported him I know how difficult it is, if you fancy a chat give me a shout x
There's no other symptoms besides the panic.

Thank you replying though :) I'm not expecting anything 'specific' as such :)

It would not hurt to ask for a blood test to eliminate the possibility of it being a thyroid malfunction.

Mine started with nothing more than the panic disorder the other symptoms came later.

It would be so easy for you if it was your thyroid.

Wishing you lots of luck.

hugs xxxxxx
I know a fair bit about panic disorder and generalised anxiety disorder (did my PhD in mental health). Always about for a chat. X


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
Had it for years hon you learn to deal with it, it comes and goes now, i avoid coffee and drinking too much. Make sure you dedicate time to yourself i also find jogging or swimming really help if i feel very wound up with it XXXXX hope you feel better soon.
Thank you all :)

I've had anxiety problems for as long as i can remember. It just seems to be kicking my arse a bit atm. I've booked a dr's appt, so i'll see how that goes.
Really sorry to hear that Z. Anxiety is a real b*stard. Hoping it lifts soon, ZX

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