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Panic stations! Just been asked to be a bridesmaid!

How exciting :) Indeed 2lbs a week for 13 weeks is nearly 2st, and well under your target. If this isn't motivation what is.......... you can DO this, you'll look fab
I have four stone to lose at least before I'll be happy the mini target was just to get me started. Oh hell I'm stressed!
Well stop stressing. Your best friend has asked you to be her bridesmaid AS YOU ARE, because she is your best friend and she loves you AS YOU ARE.

Stress is a massive trigger for comfort eating, so you need to stop flapping and think about what an amazing time you are going to have, what a good friend she is, and how you are going to do her proud.

Then stick to plan, and do your best between now and then. You will be fine.
I completely agree with the other ladies, relax, keep on plan and you could have lost a stone or two or more by then!

I'm sure you'll look wonderful!

Are there any gentle exercises you could do that won't hurt your foot? For toning rather than cardio?
Don't fret about not being able to exercise, it will not stop you losing weight! It doesn't always help you lose more either (I didn't exercise and it didn't stop me losing)
If you stick completely to plan you could lose 26lb before the wedding.
However, as MLM says, your friend has asked you as you are so don't worry too much.
Thank you all for your lovely and supportive comments. I totally know I could lose maybe two stone I just can't imagine myself doing it which may sound weird.
I've used the wii fit free step and just done a gentle half hour a day and doing 100 sit ups a day at the mo. Hoping I can get my foot back to normal soon and start stepping up exercise.
It's the most motivated I've ever felt though so thanks again xxx
Good luck.

You have done so well already I am sure you will achieve what you want to achieve. Don't be hard on yourself, just diet as you would have done without the invite you were losing nicely and there is no reason why you will not now.

hugs xxxxx
Thanks, I've lost half a pound tonight, bit gutted coz expected more.... came home and a a bar of chocolate! Now I just feel worse! Back to it tomorrow x

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