parents on lipotrim

So once again I have a dilema I need advice on (you guys r gonna get so sick of me!) sorry. I have a daughter, she is three in march. She has noticed im not eating and is making a fuss. Trying to feed me etc. Ive told her im ill and the shakes r my medicine. I just wandered if any one has had a similar experience and how they dealt with it xx
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dont apologise for asking questions!!

Its a tricky one and Im not sure what advice to ask. You could say something like you have a poory tummy or mouth and this is your medicine. However I wouldnt say you were on a diet or trying to lose weight - personally, othe people may dosagree, just my personal opiniion is if you tell her your on a diet its just likelyto have a negative impact on her etc etc


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adive to give!! not ask!
I know thats what im worried about, if she sees im not eating or trying to lose weight that she will think she has to, or stop eating to copy mummy. Shes only dinky anyways, 2st 4Ibs (32Ibs?) so I really dont want her eating less then she alrdy does! Xx


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Put your shakes in a bowl and eat them when she's eating her meal.


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I think your medicine idea is the best at that age, maybe you cud say she has to eat her food to make sure she doesn't get the same bug??? all depends on your little one though it wud work with my little boy :}


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Can't u tell her ur having ur meal when tucking her up in bed? It worked with my 3yr old x