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Part time job for 15 year old

It'll be hard to find something for a 15 year old, it is normally 16 apart from the odd shop job or a paper round.
I actually think teenagers should have part time jobs. They don't spend every minute studying and they need some down time and also need to learn time management and money management.

Where I live no shop would take anyone until 16 years old though.


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I got my first job when I was 15, but I was only a few weeks off being 16. It was in a local Italian restaurant, privately owned.

I would suggest she waits till she is 16, but perhaps worth approaching any small businesses to see if they have a place for her.

Working so young certainly helped build my confidence, I was a very shy kid :eek:
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i think u will find she needs to be 16 to do any job apart from newspaper round but i do think its great that she wants a job most kids want to sit on their backsides :D
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depends what she is prepared to do, I know jobs are much harder to come by now! but I was working from 12 3/4! I have done a paper round (couldn't get up in the winter!!!) kennel maid - did that for a couple of years, worked in a fish and chip shop (from age 16) did fruit picking in the summer after leaving college! but things have changed now and its not so easy!!!
As well as the age limit, some companies apply rules of their own. I remember when one of my relatives wanted a part-time job in Tesco they would not take her on until after she had taken her GCSEs. So it is a good idea to check with local shops/companies to see what rules they have - also to see if they have a waiting list she can join. Good part-time jobs are hard to find, and it is not too soon to start enquiring.
I appreciate that things could have changed but when my daughter wanted a PT job at that age, Tesco was the only place that would consider 15yr olds. She was happy just to be a shelf stacker but before you knew it, she was on the tills. Now that was just over 10yrs ago so, as I said, things could have changed.


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I worked in a local cafe when I was 13, then a shop at 14 and then moved to Currys when I was 16.
Unfortunately I never got out of retail and am still there =/


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It depends on your local by-laws. Each area has different laws on children working. When I was 14 I got my first weekend job working as a chambermaid in a local pub, I had to clean the rooms on a Saturday and Sunday morning between 9 and 12. I liked it because I still had the rest of the day free to do what I wanted, and my wages were the only money I had.
Some places may taker her as soon as she has received her NI card which if I recall correctly comes when you're about 15 and 3/4.

Other than that it would be just local shops for cash in hand type work.
I'm either really old or had mean parents?? I had my first job in a cafe at the age of 12 (only 14 years ago).. I worked 9 - 3 every Sunday and got £2 an hour, hehe, hardest job I have EVER done.

I'd say ask around tea shops / cafes etc


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If she wants to do it i would let her try. Finding a job at the moment is a tough job as it is! I had my forst job at 16 but had friends who worked from 15. They can pay what they like though so its not going to be much! I was on £3 an hour which was more than my friends LOL