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Hey Guys,
I am planning my dinners for this week and am coming across Passata in quite a few SW receipe books ... is it a good alternative to the fatty dolmio sauces etc? Are there syns I will need to count when cooking with it? Any advice would be appreciated?
Thank you x
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Passata is syn free. It is just sieved uncooked tomatoes - comes from the Italian "passata di pomodoro" which literally means "last of the tomatoes" - traditionally made with the last tomatoes of the season to preserve them longer in the days before we could get whatever we want whenever we want! Generally comes in cartons or glass jars. Anyway, I digress :D

It would be a great alternative to Dolmio - and a lot nicer too (I really don't like the taste of Dolmio). Use it as a base in pasta sauces - bulk it out with onions, mushrooms, veg etc and add spices and herbs to taste.
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i love passata i always put garlic and onion in mine to give it more flavour when i am making a pasta sauce, you can add what ever free veg or spices you like to it to give it more flavour its down to your own personal taste!! its def worth trying different ways with it
no syns in either it its free!!!!

Lisa xx


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I always add worcester sauce (as well as garlic, onions etc) to mine
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passatta is wonderful, take 2 syns and have 28g of philly light with garlic & herbs and melt it in to get a lovely creamy cheese & tomato/garlicy sauce (you won't believe how much the cheese infuses and makes a difference for such a small amount. You can also add 28g of chorizo too for 2.5 sins, so if you're on EE just chuck in a load of pre-fried (in fry light) or grilled mushrooms, onions, peppers, mix in the chorizo, then add the philly and you're done! Pile high and NOM!! 4.5 sins in total for a completely yummy meal! Or if you've had your syns, leave out the Cheese & chorizo and it's all free :D


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Passata is definitely one of my 'can't live without' products. It's a great storecupboard ingredient!
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yea i use the tesco garlic and herb too, is that free though, ive never checked :S
i always use it to make ratatouille- if thats how u spell it haha.


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I like the chorizo idea too. Whilst you do not get a lot of meat, I am sure it will add a great flavour!

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