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I'm away to Zante next month for a week and really looking forward to it but a funny thing happened the other week!! I had to take my passport in to show at my new job and they questioned whether it was me!!! lol... I've still got 4 years left on it and at the price of passports, I ain't sending it back!! I do hope that the customs officer has a good eye!! You can just tell my eyes lol!!!:rolleyes:
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Bex, if they let my hubby through on his, you should be OK too.....when I met him, his passport was brand new - he had a number 2 clip all over and clean shaven.

Now, his hair is half down his back, in a pony tail and he has a goatee and longish beard.... (I did a biker make over on him - some of my best work I say! :D)

They have to look at his eyes too!! lol

Last week when I reactivated my gym membership, I told the lady I had lost my swipe card. She logged on to the screen - did a triple take - and said, "Well, we HAVE to take a new picture of you. That IS you right? THat does not look like you at ALL!No - thats not YOU!" :rotflmao: I loved it.

Enjoy your trip! Where is Zante?



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hi hun just been on hols myself and as i was a size 26/28:eek: and am now a size 12 I was a bit worried about the same thing .But no problem at all ,really pleased as only got mine renewed for hols last august would of worked out very expensive .Enjoy your hols x


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Thanks BL... I'm sure it will be fine :)
Zante is one of the Greek islands, beautiful place. I've been twice before, it was on returning from there last year that I got ill and was put in hospital with suspected heart failure (which it wasn't in the end thank god!!). It was the catalyst for my weight loss... I'm so looking forward to my friends out there seeing the new me cos they last saw me at my biggest!! I will still be abstaining then. I'm hoping to be back on food for a trip to Berlin in November but we'll see :D
I will still be abstaining then. I'm hoping to be back on food for a trip to Berlin in November but we'll see :D
I'm so glad your heart is OK now!! <hugs> :)

I am hoping the same - we go back to California again in November and I want to be eating SOMETHING by then. :)

You are going to WOW your friends when they see you - they won;t recognise you at all!! And I can;t wait to hear about the rush of delight you are going to get when you put your seatbelt on and the tray down on the plane!! Its HEAVEN!! :) :) :)

You rock Bex!! :D


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The whole unveil thing is sooo exciting... when we go to my hubbys family in Berlin, they haven't seen us for 18 months and they don't know anything about me losing weight at all so they really are gonna get a shock I'll tell ya!!! Makes this so worthwhile doesn't it? :D And as for the seatbelt on the airplane!!! That was one of my big wishes when I started this... to not have a seatbelt extention and to be able to have my table down and being able to get in and out of the loo without hassle on the plane!! I'm so excited just thinking about it - can you tell :cool::cool::cool: