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Paul McKenna (If any one is interested)!

I have been following Paul McKenna's plan for just over a week now and I thought I would update you all with my progress (if your interested that is!)

Well the good news is that I have lost 8lb in my first week - although your not supposed to weigh yourself for two weeks I couldn't stand the suspense - and I was obviously really really pleased with that.:party0011:

I have not so far found there to be any side affects although I seem to be a bit *ahem* more regular than I was previously.

I now do not even have to think about eating slowly as I do it any way and I do get full much faster and stay full much longer and although I can theoretically eat whatever I want I find that I don't want BAD foods like chocolate or crisps but I do want good healthy foods.

I can now fit into my size 12 trousers for work (they are still uncomfortably tight but I can do them up and it is a start)

My skin has cleared up and I am generally happier and more energetic (well not in the mornings but I think I would need 14 dozen Red Bulls tomake me energetic in the mornings).

I'm sorry If I am boring you all but I am just so pleased with myself and motivated that I wanted to share my feelings with you all as unfortuatnely other half isnt really very good and being pleased for me.

Lets hope it continues!
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Well done you... delighted PMcK is working for you... you defo sound like a happy bunny!! It really is a new way of life innit!!

Well done again xxx


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Well done! That sounds exactly like where I was before Christmas and where I'm heading back to!
I am sure you will stay motivated more and more easily the better you feel! Congrats!
Thanks everyone I've been annoying everyone one at work im so pleased.

Its really simple Saddia, the theory is that you only eat when you are physically hungry (not emotionally hungry or bored) and you eat what you want and not what you think you should have. But you have to eat it slowly, most people eat so quickly that they don't realise they are full untill they are stuffed and uncomfortable. By slowing your eating down to a quarter of the pace you usually eat you give yourself time to register that your full. And by eating what you want and not what you think you should have you don't get cravings for things.
I don't know when it is on again but you can probably watch it on YouTube. I did buy the book/CD as well. To be honest the CD didn't do very much for me but I think I am one of those people who just can't be hypnotised (other people have tried to in the past and I just don't relax enough). The book is really good though if you don't manage to watch the show (I didn't really as O/H kept talking through it!) but my aunt has pinched the book so she can use it lol.

let me know if you decide to give it a try.
hey i have the paul mckenna cd and find it really helpful and inspiring. I think he is right if u control your mind you will make better food choices and i like what he says about cravings and how they will pass. He instills it in you that you are healthy and fit already so u start eating like a healthy and fit person.
Yeah the CD is great inspiration he basically bigs you up and tells you that your wonderful any way lol.

I just wonder if it would be any more effective for me if I could actaully by hypnotised rather than trying to listen to what he is saying in each ear lol.
Yeah the CD is great inspiration he basically bigs you up and tells you that your wonderful any way lol.

I just wonder if it would be any more effective for me if I could actaully by hypnotised rather than trying to listen to what he is saying in each ear lol.
You don't need to consciously listen to what he's saying in each ear... the theory is that you hear it and your subconscious registers it.

As an emotional eater... Paul McKenna worked fine for me... until I had an emotion, then he went right out of the window.
I'm now following a programme called the Beck diet solution which is based on the same principles: slow eating, positivity, dealing with cravings etc. but is on a more active and conscious level (with daily exercises) which I respond to more than being "hypnotised".



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Well done on succeeding through your first week with Paul McKenna. If you can, do avoid the scales - they have been the downfall of many a fledging Intuitive Eater. Did you get the journal as well??
I recently watched PMK's US show on Living and thought it was better than the british one because there was more examples to see etc. Am keeping it on sky plus and might transfer to video so I can keep it.

I joined OA(overeaters anon) in Nov and I am hoping that by following both principles I can lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

I am trying to get into the habit of listening to PMK and marisa peer every day. Her CD is very good too. Some nights I fall asleep listening to paul and his (kinda sexy lol) voice.


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wow, 8lbs, that's brilliant. I've seen the programme and I do try and eat more slowly now, putting my knife and fork down between mouthfuls. It definitely helps, especially when you're eating out and being a bit naughty!


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Hi Silence & Lyn, very interested in your postings... the Beck thing sounds interesting... I have a book by Martha Beck, but not sure if that's the right one? Can you tell me more? Lyn, OA is something that does appeal but I have a lot of fear about facing those issues in a group situation... have a feeling there may not be meetings near me as I am in a very rural area. I guess I am trying to find some level of support from this site, and this forum is full of thought-provoking stuff... thanks for all of this! Will check Paul Mc & Marisa Peer also...
Well I have just dug the cd out and I am going to put it on my Ipod. I did this about a year ago and it worked for a while but I think you need to keep reading the book etc to keep you on track.

I have taped all the shows again so plan to sit and watch them as well.


Stubborn tortoise
Lyn, I suppose I am ashamed. I have spent my whole life hiding this and denying it, have only faced up to it openly on this forum and begun to admit it a little bit with my husband recently. I think I feel afraid to face it in front of others, but then I suppose the point is that they understand... tough one. I guess I am trying to use the forum as a way to look at the issues & get help, but maybe that is a tall order! I feel that I got myself into this mess and I should be able to get myself out of it, but I don't yet know if I can do it. I just know that I want to, more than anything.
Thanks for your support. Might google OA and find out a bit more... sometimes, looking for a solution is scarier than living with the problem... but even I can see how messed-up that sounds! Thanks for making me think it through!

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