pcos and lipotrim?


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Hiya sorry I have no Idea but i'm sure someone will pop on with some info



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Sorry I don't know for sure but there aren't loads of conditions that stop you doing lipotrim. It usually relates to certain medications. I'm pretty sure that we have had people on here before with PCOS doing LT. If your friend doesn't want to have a wasted trip to Pharmacy perhaps emailing LT would help x


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I have PCOS and I think that LT has got to be the best thing you could do for yourself. PCOS is linked to being overweight and losing weight helps tremendously. If you look at info on how to live with PCOS you will see that the main thing they tell you to do is lose weight. I have read online about people who have done LT with PCOS and some people actually said that after they lost weight the cysts on their ovaries reduced dramatically!... The main reason I am doing LT is because I have had enough of the problems I have had with PCOS. I have been on metformin for PCOS and that resulted in me bleeding for 6 and a half months none stop until my iron levels went so low that I was in hospital. I would tell your friend to go ahead with LT if she really wants to. when she has the health check at the pharmacy they will say she can go on the diet even tho she has PCOS... my pharmacist said I could even though i was on 5 different medication at the time. I must say that I have never felt better since I started LT and have actually had 3 normal periods (that is a miracle considering the problems i have had with my periods)
obviously i am not a health professional so take my advice with a pinch of salt however I have PCOS and I have not had any problems with being on LT, it really does help alot! losing weight is the main thing in PCOS.

Good luck to your friend and if she does decide to join then definitely tell her to come on this site, everyone here has been absolutely inspirational and we all will try and help in every way that we can xxx


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Hiya hunny, tell your friend she will be absolutely fine with the diet! Lt has only nutrients and even though she will be only having 3 a day and its low calories it will be fin. In fact after she starts dieting she will find her menustrual cycle will be less painful. In saying this its best for her to ask with her own gp as I dont know her medical history. Has she diabetes type 1 or 2 as well as I personally wouldnt recommend a vlcd to her. If she is overweight it would be better for her health if she lost some weight.


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Lipotrim and PCOS

Hi All,

I am seriously considering using Lipotrim, I am about 5 stone overweight and I have PCOS (which I only started to develope symtoms when I starting piling on the pounds)

Like probably most people with PCOS I have tried every diet, but nothing works...I eat a healthly balanced diet, run for an hour four times a week and do pilates once a week and still I cannot shift the extra weight the most I have ever lost is 2lbs...it heartbreaking when you are working so hard and get no reward, I dont seem to have a problem with will power so I am confident I can keep the weight off when i actually get it off (I gave up smoking with pure will power after 9 years of smoking 20 a day)

I am turning to LT as a last resort as I just cannot go on like this. Theres just a few questions that I have and I am hoping someone can help before I am make that trip to the chemist to invest in what I hope is going to turn my life around!

Anyone who is using LT and has PCOS, are you still on metaformin?
What changes in symptons have you experienced?
Its a medical fact that women with PCOS lose weight slower - is this still the cae with LT - any women out there using LT that have PCOS that would like to share their weight success stories with me?

I would so appreciate any help anyone could give me
Thanks SO much


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I have PCOS & I think my losses have been pretty good (with the exception of this week, but I think that's more to do with the fact the scales have been moved & put on tiles instead of carpet...). If you check out my signature those are my losses.

In regards to other PCOS symptoms; I don't know if it's really had much impact, but then again, I don't suffer that much. My main concern is excess hair & that hasn't altered.

Hope that's helpful!



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hey i have pcos and i did diet before and lost nearly 6 stone losing weight is the best thing you can do for it the heavier you are the worse it is so my consultant said hope this helps xx


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Yip! me too. i've been told, and have read that a low carb diet is best for ppl with PCOS anyways and when I did atkins 8 yrs back I felt amazing. LT is great for it. Like you my PCOS only really kicks in most when I reach a certain (very heavy) weight. Three weeks in I've had my 2nd period this year! NOt 2 within 3 weeks let me add lol And apart from some tummy pains (pcos tummy pains btw -not lipotrim related) I feel great. You may be hormonal but its temporary. And it is a great diet for PCOS folks. With your active lifestyle you'll do brilliant on it.

Whatever you decide, good luck. :D


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WOW - that amazing weight loss! Well done to you all - I only hope mine is as sucessful!

I just want to say thank you, HanHan, Jellybeans and Black Rose your comments have been really helpful. I am so glad that I have found this forum, I am sure its going to be a great support throughout my LT journey. It's good to speak to other people with PCOS that have tried this, I have always felt quite alone having this PCOS as it's quite embarassing to talk about and I dont know anyone else that has it.

My main concern with PCOS was that I might have trouble conceiving(already had a few signs that might suggest this so I am quite worried!) however I am hoping that when I start on LT and the weight drops off (hopefully!) it might increase my chances in the future.
I have heard stories of people that have lost weight and their PCOS seems to disappear completely!?

Well i am off to the chemist tomorrow to stock up on the LT I am so excited! (Remind me of that when I am trying to eat my own arms next week!!!)

Thanks again to you all x

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I don't have PCOS...but just wanted to say Hi Trixi- starting LT will be one of the best things you'll ever do. I'm only into my second week but I'm loving it.

And you'll get all the support you need on here

Luce xx


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Hi Luce,

How nice of you! - thank you so much!

I am so excited! I really can't wait to start... i am sure I will need lots of support so I am so glad I have found somewhere I can find it!x
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I`m a bit late to this 1 but PCOS is fine with LT.

I found this month I didn`t have the really bad cramps and heavy bleeding I usually get, Though it went on twice as long :rolleyes: lol

LiSe Xx


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just been to the chemist to get my supplies (Starting Monday) have asked for a selection of all flavours as I want to see which ones I like, I am not scared about not eating food i am scared these things are going to make me gag!! Are they actually awful!!! Some of the things I ve read make me feel sick already!! x