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PCOS and the implant


I need some help! A little while ago I came off the pill and it was the best thing I ever did. I broke up with my boyfriend but we are now back together again so I do want to look into the implant-we had a very close 'accident' last night and I just don't want to risk it again. I've booked myself in on the 10th May to get it done and was doing a little more research on it-and now i'm scared!

It says, and I quote, 'Also, Implanon has been linked with cysts in the ovary. So if you’ve had an ovarian cyst, this is perhaps not the method for you.' Has anyone else been told this. I'm aware of the other side effects-spots, weight gain, headaches etc and have decided that as soon as I see any of those effects I will have it taken out. I'm just confused about the cysts thing!

Any help would be really appreciated :)

Thanks xxx
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Hi there. I had the implant in for 2 months and absolutely hated it but everyone's different and it may suit you fine. I had ugly pimples all over my face and felt very low and hungry all the time.

They say they long-term methods of contraception suchas Implanon and Depo Provera shouldn't be used with PCOS, esp if you want a child in the near future, as it can take periods quite a long time (at least a year or more) to return to normal. hth.


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I agree with Lyn, it didn't suit me either and i have PCOS - although they didn't say anything about my cysts? I ended up putting about 4 stone on tho. It was hell getting the thing taken out too, i went back to my doctors about 5/6 times before they realised what it was doing to me (apparently it costs the NHS £300 for each implant, so they are very funny about taking them out!).

I think everyone is different, it might well suit you perfectly. After my experience with the Implant and Pill (which caused me so many problems) i decided to come off everything, my body needed a break and i feel great now! :)

You have to do what's right for you tho x


I queried this when I looked at it, what I was told is that its not the same cysts as we have in PCOS, little follicular ones, but the larger other type of cysts you see people getting removed by surgery if that helps?

I was swayed from the implant towards the Mirena, which would be my method of choice other than we are soon looking at TTC.
Hey guys

Thanks for your replies. You all had problems with the implant which worries me even more. Being on the pill was fine except I was finding it impossible to lose weight whilst on it-it was the only thing I hadn't changed so I thought i'd come off it and see how I went. Maybe going back on the pill would be the better option for me.

My manager had the implant a while ago and apart from her periods disappearing (which she didn't complain about!) she suffered from no side effects-she hasn't put on any weight and she doesn't have spots-but then again she doesn't have pcos!

Thanks for clearing the cyst thing up for me Lexie_dog :)

Does anyone have anything good to say about the impant?! xxxx
Hey, what Pill were you on, was it a combined Pill? I take Cerazette which is a POP (progestogen only pill) aka 'mini pill', basically it has no estrogen. I get on fine, have no periods 99% of the time and the good thing about it is if I wanna ttc all I have to do is just stop taking it. No hassle.:)
Hey Lyn8124

I can't remember the name of the first pill I went on but that really didn't agree with me-loestrin I think it might be?

I changed over to Yasmin and was totally fine on that.
hi KG, i had the implant and got moody and put weight on, so i went on to the pill and now im on cerezette aswell. everyone is different but i would give it a go to see how it works for you x
Hey HBooth

I'm not sure I want to go for the implant now :S I may just go back on the pill. I already find it impossible to lose weight and really don't want to put on anymore weight-I already look like a beach ball!

I'll talk it through with the doc on the 10th-think I might try to see if I can get referred to a dietician as well.

I really need some help-everyone else seems to be losing at least 2lb a week- I'm doing everything I can and still can't manage it. I think I did it one week and that was only because it was 2lbs i'd put on during totm. I know having pcos is meant to make it difficult to lose weight but is it meant to be impossible?!

My appt on the 10th got cancelled :( I had a telephone consultation with the doc this morning and she told me stuff I really didn't know. Apparently to have the implant done you can't have had sex for 2 weeks-not even with a condom! So there was me on the phone trying to remember the last day I had sex-I really really couldn't remember! Also they want to check i'm definately not pregnant. But all being well it should be put in on the 21st.

She did say that it will take a couple of months for my body to adjust to it so to at least give it that long before I decide whether I want to keep it in or have it taken out.
I have had the implant and just had it renewed, although I do not have pcos, I do have ovarian cysts, I have actually lost 3 stone since first having it in. It did take a while to get used to, but it works for me but everyone is different.
Have you had the injection as its the same hormone?
Good luck for the 21st if you decide to have it done. :)
Hey Seasons!

Yayyyy someone who likes the implant! I was so worried because it seems the majority have had such bad experiences with it!

The doctor warned that my periods might stop altogether or I could bleed everyday! I'm hoping that they go away for a while!

Oh wow-you lost 3 stone whilst still having it in-I've only heard of weight gains not losses!

Not had the injection-is that the depo injection? I didn't know they were the same thing!

Yeh I have decided that I am going to give it a go-i'll keep it in for 3-4 months and if whatever symptoms I get have not settled by then i'll have it taken out.

Thanks seasons! xx

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