Loves VLCD's !
Is there anybody out there doing a VCLD who has PCOS who would be willing to private message me to discuss how symtoms have been affected with your weight loss ? I am on LL and have PCOS and have lost 2 stone 3 pound so far. Would appreciate any experiences of those on a similar journey but it may be too yucky to discuss it on here :eek: :)
Thanks !
HIya hun!

I've lost 2 stone also!
My acne is clearing up wonderfully - and I've not had ANY new spots, which I used to get on a daily basis.
My moods are a lot more consistent - I'm alot calmer and don't tend to 'go off on one' at the slightest things anymore.

My periods are alot less painful and only last 4 days - they're not regular yet, but hopefully when i start eating healthily. But on saying that, I used to go months without one and now they I do get them albeit all over the place LOL!!

Hope this helps hun - if u need to ask anything PM me.
big hugs,
chelle xx
I have PCOS and im on CD. The symptoms do get better with weight loss and u will find that the craving for carbs gets better too. Once at normal weight u will feel so mich better, im a pre normal weight person who went fat after eating to much after my hubby cheated on me! oh well! Life goes on and my weight is going too happy ltitle me!

Good luck adn keep up the hard work it pays off and the PCOS goes away jjust stick to lo carb diet on maintenance and things iwll be fine.
Not much change for me yet! Even after a 4 and a half stone loss! Still get acne, still have massive carb cravings, still no periods (its been 2.5 years and i am only 38), and still have the odd rant and rave at the kids!

BUT i still have 3 st to loose so theres hope for me yet!

I'm actually having scan on wednesday to check for PCOS but i'm pretty convinced i've got it cos i developed acne suddenly a year ago which was about the same time my moods started and my periods stopped...i'm 27!
i have a gynae history anyway as i've had surgery for endometrosis 3 times.
I would be happy to recieve private messages or instant messaging on msn [email protected]

Take Care

Christina x
Thanks all, I only just realised that people had resurrected the thread I started ages ago....I know that there is another newer PCOS thread running now.

My symptoms are SO much better now that I have lost 5 and half stone. Regular periods without taking any Metformin ! Less pain, no breast tenderness mid month etc.

Christina - hope the scan goes well !