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pcos diet book


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has anyone else read pcos diet book by colette harris?
it fantastic .... not just a diet book but a book to teach you about how to make the most of what you have, how to deal with emotions/eating triggers and the best ways to help your body!

im a great believer that there is alot we can do ourselves for pcos with right nutrition supplements and battling our emotional eating ::)

just thought id share this book with you all
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i read this book a few years ago and made small changes to my diet frm it but cant afford to eat they way she reccomends ie all organic and all organic supplements, its so expensive, pity because id say it would help us a lot ot cut out all chemicals in food but next to impossible nowadays unless we live like that old tv show the good life.


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I read it and tried it but it didn't work for me - a lot of the food was stuff I wouldn't normally eat so it really felt like a diet. I'm trying the Insulin Resistance diet now which is meant to be quite good for PCOS as it lets me eat stuff I'm used to just in different amounts/ways.
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I picked up her book "The ultimate PCOS handbook" that she co wrote with Theresa Cheung...I'm following the ten steps suggested in the book at my own pace, whilst having started Weight Watchers to help stick with the weight loss whatever happens.

Currently I'm still on step one, eat more frequently, and trying to get used to that. Since on WW fruit and veg is free, I'm eating this every two to three hours (unless it's meal time!) and this alone is helping me to stay "on plan". I'll move onto step two as soon as I have this one under the belt as it still feels like I have to keep it in mind at all times in order to do it, and if I start trying to incorporate more at this point I will inevitably overload myself!

As for the foods suggested, I'm not sure what she says to eat in her specific diet book but in this it's generally all what is known as "clean eating" which is a struggle, however the book itself says "follow the 80/20 rule" so I don't mind having a few processed treats in (such as low fat carbonara sauce or spread as opposed to home made sauces and pure butter) and I take the same approach to the list of suggested supplements...I can't afford all of them let alone organic variants, so using the information provided in the book I've picked the ones that seem to be the most crucial to me and my lifestyle...what I'm lacking, what my body tells me it needs, what I can't otherwise get in my diet (I do not eat fish so I need EFA's from a none fish source, for example, so I get vegan omega 3, 6 and 9 capsules).

It's been a lot to take in, adding the supplements wasn't too bad as I already took a pretty all inclusive multi vitamin every day anyhow, but I'm taking everything else in steps and so far I believe it has really helped me to start shedding weight again, hand in hand with WW. Will it help my PCOS symptoms specifically? Time will tell :)

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