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Sorry its such a broad title! Its a long story. For years my period has been hit and miss. I remember aged about 20 going 10 weeks between, and i wasn't overweight then. I conceived my first child naturally, but struggled to conceive again, so further investigations were done. By this time i was aged early 30's, and about 14st, I am 5'7''. I was diagnosed with PCOS and was told i would also have an early menopause. Eventually i conceived using clomid.

My periods were getting less frequent by the time i had recovered from having my second child, but i decided to be sterilised as i didnt want any more kids. This was about 4 years ago. Periods declined further, weight ever increasing.

I am now at the point where i havent had a period for 2 and a half years. I have my hormones checked regularly, my GP says they are OK(??).I dont have any menopause symptoms except the absent periods. I am 38 years old. I weighed nearly 19st at the beginning of this year. I embarked on CD in June, and now weigh under 15st.

My question is this; Is there anyone else who was obese and didnt have periods? Then lost weight? Did the periods return? If so, what was roughly your BMI? I know its a long shot, we are all different after all. It's just that i have been told that my periods may return soon, so i was wondering when, if at all! And it would just be nice to hear that i am not alone! Feels a bit weird posting something so personal on here...
Hi Wannabem
I have pcod told at 19 (Im 36 now) as Id had investigations for infertility after trying a years for a baby with no success.I always wanted kids.
I had clomid then pergonial and injections for infertility,got pregnant miscarried after 6 years of infertility treatment,cut long story short I have 3 beautiful girls now.
I have been obese since I was 19 i lose weight but it springs back on in a blink!
Im 5ft 2incs 14stone and yes when I lose 2-3 stone my periods return Ive been 14 months without a period in the past.Last year I had the hormone coil fitted and so my periods have stopped ........I do worry though when before I had the coil not having a period wasnt healthy but was told I needed 1 a year to clear out whatevers inside my womb-I could have a d&c if I didnt have a period.No doctor ive ever had has been helpful with my pcod weight wise im told just go lose weight...but they know its hard to lose it and then keep it off with pcod?
I wish there was more help for us suffers
Thanks hun,
By the sounds of it, after my recent weight loss, my periods may return quite soon then.
Girls with fertility treatment? Me too!
I had infertility treatment with my miscarriage and then it took clomid and another 2 years before my 1st daughter was born,then natuarlly 18months of trying no2 came along then 10days:confused: trying naturally n03 came along:D
Hopefully your periods will return soon but if not go to your gp and ask for more tests?

Thanks hun,
By the sounds of it, after my recent weight loss, my periods may return quite soon then.
Girls with fertility treatment? Me too!
I have PCOS as well, cut a long story short, no periods for months on end, fall pregnant, have baby, can't concieve again, have clomid, fall pregnant, miscarry, fall pregnant again naturally and have another 2 babies. I am on the pill now as it is the only way to regulate my periods but I know that I feel better and have less dark hairs on my arms when I lose a few pounds. So maybe if my BMI were normal then my periods would settle down without the pill. Unfortunatley there doesn't seem to be any clear cut answer for someone that has PCOS and I think a lot of it is finding the right balance for your body. There is a very good support group called VERITY which has lots of advice on it's website.
Verity - The Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome Self Help Group - Home
I wish I had the problem of no periods. I have PCOS but I have the problems with heavy periods that can last weeks.. apparently thats normal! I cant wait to lose weight and hope they calm down...