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PCOS on Cambridge

hey there, I am looking for others, diagnosed with PCOS and on cambridge diet.
I am on 790 (i didnt start SS) and decide to take soya milk instead of cow's to avoid lactose.
I am bit worried about not eating oils, and carbs - and eating only 3 times a day - such schedule and menu doesnt really agree with the PCOS diet.
Any suggestions?
Many thanks in advance
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Hi there,

I had PCOS for 7 years before I discovered Cambridge. I was taking metformin 3 times a day, and Spironolactone twice a day for various symptoms including insulin resistance and male pattern baldness (not to mention acne, facial hair, no periods for 3 years etc etc!)...

I went on the Cambridge Diet, and my endocronologist approved fully. I lost 5 stone in 5 months and was taken off all medication in that time, as when I was at goal weight I was symptom free. My specialist told me that he believed every PCOS sufferer should be prescribed the Cambridge Diet, and if they claimed they couldn't stick to it - he would hold me up as an example of how losing weight with PCOS was possible and did work.

I've since re-gained about a stone, and I've noticed that some PCOS symptoms are starting to come back (facial hair for one!), so I'm back on SS and I'll crack this for good this time.

In terms of what I researched at the time, PCOS sufferers are advised to go on a high protein, low carb, low fat diet - exactly what Cambridge is. I can honestly say that losing weight with CD 'fixed' my PCOS problem, and now that I've not maintained properly it's starting to rear its head again.

I really wouldn't worry about the lack of oils/only eating 3 times a day whilst you're a PCOS sufferer. With PCOS the most effective thing you can do is lose weight. On CD you do that, quickly and safely. It literally did 'cure' all of my symptoms within a matter of months. Don't worry too much about the schedule and menu not 'fitting' with the advised PCOS diet - from a personal point of view I only wish I could show you how much it's changed my life.

I really believe that Cambridge Diet is the best thing you can possibly do in terms of your PCOS...

Please do give it a go - I'm sure it will help your symptoms.


Thank you !

Thank you so much for your reply!

i have 2 more stones to loose. :(

but I feel much more positive already

once again Thank you !

I agree with Jasmine, my consultant recommended a low carb, low fat, high protein diet as the most effective for losing weight with the PCOS. I certainly notice the difference if I stay away from carbs when I'm eating 'normally'!
Good luck!


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I have awful PCOS and have lost over 6 stone now in 4 months and my symptoms are soooooo much better. in fact my full blood workup just came back just almost normal which is a miracle. I feel better than I ever have and CD is the first diet that actually works with my PCOS than against it. As the others have said, it works, go with it.
Hi, I too suffer from PCOS, however I have been sole sourcing for two weeks now. I have tried every diet under the sun and have lost 9lbs in two weeks on this diet which I wasn't overly excited about compared to a lot of other peoples weight losses. I have all the related symptons and go back to see the specialist next week. So fingers crossed this diet is the answer.

M x


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Hi all,

I did CD from Jan to March and then stopped being so stringent after my hols. I am now trying to do 1000 to get the last half stone off as GP promised me a tum tuck if I can do it!!! (Don't know if I really ant it but thats another story).

My PCOS symptoms have gone. My high blood pressure is now normal AND I have been allowed to stop meds for this. I have been advised by GP to stop Metformin (which I stopped on SS anyway). The hair growth has gone fine and ladylike now instead of manly thick dark hairs. The spots are no more!

CD is just what we PCOSers need - it is controlled carb and has protein and fat in small amounts. That is what is advised for PCOS by my endocrinologist. I can't wait to see him on Friday to show him the weight loss and the reduction in symptoms.

I also combined CD with exercise to increase lean muscle mass and this has also helped as insulin probs are improved by increase in lean muscle.

I don't know if your GP will support CD - I had to get a private GP to 'approve' it because I was on the various medications for PCOS but I have proved that it was the right thing to do, now.

I intend to carry on using CD as a meal replacement once I get to goal, as it has all the nutrients we need, and PCOS means that we can't get away with eating as we like - CD will help me balance my eating.

Good luck cyster!!!
Hi there

I've got PCOS, insulin resistance and hypothyroid disease, its taken me 5 years to lose 1 and a half stone. I've been on the cd for 1 month and lost 12lb so I'm over the moon. I have done ss and now find it easier to do 790.
This is the best diet ever and I'm so glad my pal recommended it to me. She also has PCOS and is insulin resistant and has lost 3 1/2 stone on the cd. It works believe in it and you will succeed. Good luck ;)


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Ladies, I am a newbie and finding this thread enormously encouraging. I have struggled with my weight all my adult life and have he weight round the middle, sluggish metabolism, difficulties with carbs you all describe. I don't have issues with facial hair though do have mid-cylce 'funny spells' where I go a bit confused. Anyway, I don't have a diagnosis of PCOS as the doc didn't do bloods before my ultrasound....the whole thing came back inconclusive. What you are saying about slow weight loss rings so true with me....I am hugely active, don't drink and eat largely fresh, healthy, low fat food and STILL gain. I blamed the cambridge diet 2 years ago for messing up my metabolism but am more and more convinced that there is an endocrine system root to my issues. Interesting thread....thank-you xx

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