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PCOS & weight loss

I'm just wondering if any of the ladies have PCOS?

I've just had an appointment at the recurrent miscarriage clinic at St Marys & they did a scan. The Dr said it indicates that i have PCOS. I have to have some bloods done as well.

I was just wondering if anyone has it & has slow weight loss?

Its just that before coming back onto the CD i was on WW. I was doing fine on it & was enjoying it. I was exercising loads but only losing roughly 1.5lb a week..... ok but not great considering how much exercise i was doing.

Now on CD it looks like im going to get small(ish) loses of 3lbs a week..... brilliant but it would be nicer if the loses were bigger :D

What symptoms if i may be so nosey :eek: do you ladies have if you have PCOS?

Thanks :D

* forgot to add..... does anyone have PCOS & hypothyroidism?
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my friend who did cambridge diet with me last time had PCOS and lost just as much weight as me hun.

your losses have been fab so far so i really wouldnt worry



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I think I have both, though not confirmed. I do have hypothyroidism which has just recently started to be treated, though I keep forgetting to take my tablets! I'm pretty sure that there's a strong possibility that I might have PCOS too, I have a lot of the symptoms and did talk to someone about it once, not a doctor, and they said it sounded like I might do. I should go to the doctors, but there's something about it which scares me... if that makes sense? It's like if I don't, then I can ignore it, it's not there, it's not a problem. And also from what I've heard, I don't want the diagnosis procedure yet. I feel so self conscious, I'd hate it. So I might go and see my doctor about it in a few months when I've lost a bit more weight.


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Hi there, I hadn't heard of PCOS before so I googled to find out what it was. I'm not sure how helpful this info might be, but the following websites seemed to have a good amount of info in them:

PCOS & Weight Loss: Information on How to Lose Weight (this is on a UK website, but some of the language seems to be American)

Weight Loss for Women with PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

(Also, please note that I'm not a doctor or any kind of medical professional, so please accept my apologies if this info isn't helpful :eek:)

However, as Lou said earlier, you've had good losses so far so it looks like CD is working well for you. From what I've read in the articles above apparently losing weight can help alleviate your symptoms, so the very best of luck to you. :)


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I have PCOS, and have struggled with my weight since I came off the pill about 8 years ago, thats when I found out I had it.. The symptoms I have are irregular periods, I sometimes didnt get them for 6 to 9 months, I also get very heavy periods, you get more hair, and also finder it harder to lose weight.... Since doing cd I have had no problems with losing weight..
If you have any questions you want to ask me feel free to pm me..
And also from what I've heard, I don't want the diagnosis procedure yet. I feel so self conscious, I'd hate it. So I might go and see my doctor about it in a few months when I've lost a bit more weight.
You mean the scan?

If thats what you mean, honestly its no big deal. I've had those scans loads of times by male & female doctors. You're talking to someone who refused a sweep when i was overdue because i was embarrassed of the female doctor looking up there :eek: lol.
They cover you over as well. I find a smear more embarrassing.


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I thought a smear was involved too... is it not?
Thank you for the link, i shall have a nose at them in a minute :D

I have the symptoms of PCOS, a few hairs on my chin :eek: , i have hair loss up & down (sorry tmi) .... not sure if thats a symptom or not lol, very easily put on weight, still at the ripe old age of 29 & a half i'm still getting spots. My periods are normally irregular but i read that periods can be light :confused: mine are very very heavy.

Thanks for the replies, i hope it doesn't effect my weight loss too much. A nice 4-5lbs loss next week would certainly cheer me up lol.
I thought a smear was involved too... is it not?
Well i had an internal scan today but no smear test. I had a smear test done a few months back. I don't know if it's different with other ladies but they just did the scan today & didn't mention a smear.

Have you had a smear test done?


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Nope, I haven't. Not sure I'd let a doctor do one either! Not sure I'd let a doctor do an internal scan either!!


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Hey Caroline,
Just to say hon, dont worry about anything I was so scared of everything had so many tests, internals, god knows what done over the years when I was ttc for 4 1/2 years.. its really not that bad... If you relax and dont get tense its alot easier..
Its so important to have these things done if you need to..
To a doctor its just there job there not looking at you in any other way..
Now Caroline .... you listening to me Mrs? ;)

Its so important to have a smear done, please don't let your embarrassment stop you from having it done.
Smears aren't great.... well who honestly wants some doctor poking around down there BUT its not that bad. If you relax & just look up at the ceiling, it'll be over within a couple of minutes.

When i was pregnant with my 2nd daughter, i was induced with her because of my 1st daughter was stillborn. Anyway i had another abruption & began hemorrhaging badly. I had at one point a shed load of doctors at the end of the bed ALL looking up there.... plus midwives & other people walking round the room.
Believe me i am SO shy.... so if i can let doctors down there..... so can you.

Its nothing to worry about, let the nurse or doctor know your a little stressed/worried or embarrassed & they will be really good with you.


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Yes I'm listening! But here's the thing, I listened, I heard, but the voice in me still says... tomorrow. In a few weeks, a few months. Once I've lost weight. Once I'm more comfortable with myself. And now years have gone by since I said any of those things for many things! When are you meant to start having smear tests?


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Hon really its not that bad, we all hate it but its something us ladies have to do........ Just think of yourself lying on a beach with the sun shining on you...... Dont leave it.. x
I'm not sure when your supposed to start having them. I have my first smear after i had my first son so when i was about 21 or 22.

I've had smears, internals, internal scans, a HSG etc mostly when i've been fat. By fat i'm talking 5st or more overweight. They've seen so many lady bits that i'm sure they won't even blink at seeing yours.

My mum was like you.... she should know better given her age. I had been nagging & nagging her for years to go. Finally her friend & her went to a clinic together & they had theirs done.... obviously not together at the same time lol. What finally prompted her..... me.......... nope..... it was Jade Goody. Is there anyone who can go along with you & wait outside whilst its done? I tend to look at the ceiling when i'm having smears or chat to the doctor or nurse. Please go.

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