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Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by kimber, 18 August 2009 Social URL.

  1. kimber

    kimber Full Member

    Hey girls

    I was thinking we could have a eperate post for posting our weekly successes.

    I personally use Friday morn as my weighday but I am going to post each week with my horror or delight! You could post on whatever day is best for you...

    Till Friday
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  3. kimber

    kimber Full Member

    I lost 1lb this week yay!

    This means I have 4 lbs to go before the final Friday in September to get to my short term goal!
  4. Jot

    Jot jo'stime

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    HI Kimber,

    I'm gutted I have stayed the same, this is my 3rd week of not moving.:sigh:
  5. kimber

    kimber Full Member

    rubbish jot keep going though - I know it is hard I bet you will have a huge loss next week!
  6. Louiseh40

    Louiseh40 Member

    My first week - 3lb!, which is what i needed to lose... I will weigh again on friday kim and post it on here.

  7. kimber

    kimber Full Member

    Ace - well done!
    I think I am going to name my diet!
    Maybe patent it?

  8. kimber

    kimber Full Member


    2lbs for me this week, I am really surprised after my naughty weekend but really pleased!

    That leaves me 2lbs to lose before the wedding but with all the fun planned over the next few weeks, hen do's, bbq etc I imagine I am going to stay the same for a little while now
  9. roaming_fifi

    roaming_fifi Full Member

    Well done kimber that is great news!!! The dreaded leggings will be looking fab on you next weekend :) xx
  10. kimber

    kimber Full Member

    Owwwww, thanks babes not sure bout the leggins though? Just off now to try some of the evil things on! Will report tomorrow!
  11. kimber

    kimber Full Member

    Well, this was an odd week - I have lost 3lbs! I was very shocked as I had a naughty weeekend but think it may be that I was tipping the scales for three pounds last week and then just slightly on the extra lb this week! So really probably only a loss of 1.5 but still 3lb yay!

    That puts me 1lb over target for the wedding so I am going to modify it and say I would like to lose 1 more lb so that gives me a 0.5 stone loss!

    Watch me gain and stay the same now before the wedding!

  12. roaming_fifi

    roaming_fifi Full Member

    Aww well done kimber that is great news!! You will be looking hot at the wedding :) AND in your 100 denier tights lol xx very proud of you xx so is this your end goal that you have now reached!?
  13. kimber

    kimber Full Member

    Thanks Fifi

    It is indeedy!
    I have changed it slightly now for the wedding.

    My next goal will be - I want to just lose about 1 more stone and then I will stop for ever and just maintain!

  14. roaming_fifi

    roaming_fifi Full Member

    My first weigh in as up until now I have just been trying to maintain my weight but as it is creeping up slightly week by week - I have now set myself a realistic goal and have tried to be very good and stick to a low-calorie diet.

    Very happy to have lost 2 pounds for my effort this week :) hopefully will keep this up!
  15. kimber

    kimber Full Member


    I have had a good week and lost 1lb! Really wasnt expecting it as got on the scales on monday and had put on over the weekend (naughty) so am delighted - that gives me my 0.5 stone since the start of this post

  16. kimber

    kimber Full Member

    Well, I have stayed the same this week!
    Much better than a gain but not as good as a loss!
  17. roaming_fifi

    roaming_fifi Full Member

    Ahh don't feel too dissapointed kimber. You have done so well and lost so much that now you are tiny again your body will find it hard to give up these last few pounds :) Well done you!!

    I have lost a pound this week. Was a bit dissapointed as i feel that i have been really good this week AND last weekend. However a pound is better than nothing and means that i have lost 3 pounds in 2 weeks which i am happy about :)

    I now have a target - I go on holiday in 6 weeks time and by then I would have liked to have lost half a stone. So the target is not too big but if I make it I will be so happy!

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  19. kimber

    kimber Full Member

    Bless you babes!
    Thanks for your support, I am not upset I actually feel fine as long as I am not putting on I am a happy chick and lets hope for a 2lb loss next week for us both!

    It is good to have a mini goal, I am sure you will do it espec after your big comp run - fifi will be looking fab in her skimpy bikini on the deck
  20. roaming_fifi

    roaming_fifi Full Member

    1lb gain :(

    will work extra hard next week to loose this lb and hopefully another 1 too xx
  21. kimber

    kimber Full Member

    As per post in pd and princess diary - will pst tomorrow ahhhhhhhhh
  22. kimber

    kimber Full Member

    Well weigh in....

    lost that lb that I put on yesterday so back to the the same! much better!
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