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PEA and HAM soup EE help needed please x


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Just so you know though it is meant to be a third superfree WITH your meal not afterwards. Perhaps next time you could add more veg to your spup that are super free?
I really don't understand this.

So if you have a jacket potato & beans, you have to have salad or fruit after to qualify as EE?

but then you're eating MORE than you were going to????

it seems the extra easy is harder than the red & green plans



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Just so you know though it is meant to be a third superfree WITH your meal not afterwards. Perhaps next time you could add more veg to your spup that are super free?
My C said i could have fruit at the end of the meal if i can't include it in the meal. I cant see how i could have added extra veg as i already had it made in the freezer and it needed using up.
Hm... tricky one! My C said that it does really have to be part of the meal.

I think it has something to do with portion control. On EE you could have half a plate of SW chips and half a chicken but this wouldn't really be a healthy diet as you would have no fruit or veg. So, by SW stipulating a third of your plate has to be superfree you can only fill two thirds of free food.

I had a similar problem as you niknaks so what i ended up doing was cooking some carrots and swede and then blending them into a puree and adding them to my soup. It made the soup velvety thick and added a lovely sweetness!


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Well what's done is done lol.

I have a lovely chicken and veg casserole full of superfree food waiting for me for my tea lol AND just to make sure im adding a helping of fresh green beans on the side lol!

Thanks for your help on this one xx


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But when you look at the menu planner in the magazine there are quite clearly meals where they have fruit after the main meal and count that as EE. This has been discussed before and I understand and would probably agree with your consultant's reasoning, however if SW are saying otherwise in their own magazine then I think it's okay.
Really?! I hadn't realised, clearly I am not reading the magazine closely enough!!

I will check with my C on Monday. It would be easier with some meals if fruit afterwards would count.


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Just had a quick look and there are meals where, although there is fruit/veg included in the main meal, there is not enough to be counted as one third, and it is supplemented by fruit as a dessert.
I don't agree with advice saying to eat some superfree food after your meal, as this is just encouraging you to eat more food when you might not necessarily be hungry.

If you know your meal isn't going to have much superfree foods in it, then you should have the superfree food BEFORE your meal, perhaps as a salad or bowl of soup, then have your meal, you may find you do not need as much food as you would of had if you had served up that plate without the superfree because you are now not as hungry.

The reason slimming world advise to eat a 1/3 superfree with each meal is so that you don't overindulge in too much carbs or proteins. While still free foods, they are the higher in calories food, so eventually if you do eat too many of them, with not enough of the lower calorie superfree food, you will be consuming far more calories than your body physically needs.

Slimming world of course is not a calorie counting diet, but it's advice is very clever in that it is still controlling the calories you consume, but without having to count them every day. Hope that makes sense.
Sensible advice britmum, when I was doing sw a while ago ee was still new and there was mixed views on the 1/3 sf. I think before is the way to go if you can't get them in the meal. Congratulations on the bump, not been on here in ages.
My opinion was that if your main meal didnt include any or much superfree than you needed to reduce the portion so you werent stuffed on that prior to having your fruit afterwards.

I find the slimming world breakfasts of say bacon, quorn sausage, fry light egg, beans, mushrooms and tomatoes not enough superfree. you are really pushing it to make the tomatoes and mushrooms stretch to a third (esp if you add a HE of some bread in the mix too). Therefore if I am doing a slimming world breakfast (often have this for lunch) i skip the bread and the quorn sausage so the bacon, beans and egg are on one side... and the tomatoes and mushrooms are on the other. then have an apple afterwards.

or sometimes i really fancy slimming world fish chips and mushy peas (there is no superfree here). sometimes we have less chips and have fruit afterwards. Other times I plan a green day and have the fish as my 2nd healthy extra and then have a green day lunch.

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