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  1. peapod

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    I have reverse body dysmorphic disorder - or perhaps just a rare allergy to being photographed. I think I look fine, but take a photo of me and I suddenly morph into an enormous person. And I don't understand - how can I feel thin, but not be thin (and I am really not thin; unhealthily not thin)? Is my multivitamin really a denial drug?!

    Still, the scales don't lie - well, unless you put them on one of the wobbly floorboards! - and I have a lot to lose. And while clothes shops DO lie, the upward trend in sizes can't be ignored.

    So here I am. Day one of the rest of my... week. (Baby steps!) If I'm honest, my main aim is to eat well, and losing weight will just be a pleasant side-effect of that. I have various health problems and while they will definitely make it harder to lose weight, they'll also be made much better by losing weight. Sod's law!

    Here goes...! :eek:
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  3. peapod

    peapod Full Member

    This week's exercise goal: to walk at least one mile a day (in one go, not just over the whole day!).

  4. Rela

    Rela Wannabe Lean!!!

    Hi Peapod, good luck with your diet :) x x

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