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peers out from under table


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hi all not had a great week been really stressed at work (not a great excuse) but not followed it properly this week. was informed that my staff think i am unapproachable and inconsistant. We had a meeting and they said it was about communicatiom and my lack of it. So been really upset. so expecting a gain this week on monday.

Have a home made roast dinner tomorrow so back on track tomorrow but need a kick up the bum/support whichever would do
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Well I'll start with support - poor you. Not an easy week by the sounds of it, and some difficult conversations all round. (Massive cyber hugs from here xx)

But the most important conversation is the one in your head, and you need to stay positive and strong, and just know in yourself that you can do this. Whatever the situation at work, YOU deserve to look after yourself. You know the plan works, and you are doing the very best thing for yourself and your health by following it.

Dust yourself down, accept this was the week from hell, and tomorrow is another day. Start over, be kind to yourself, and go forwards from here. Your roast sounds yummy and a good plan - I hope it is a good day.

Take care, :) xx


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Hi Ronnie, so sorry you've had a rough time at work. Are you in management? I'm a manager and I know how hard it is trying to make sure everyone does their job well without being perceived as an ogre but not so soft that they all walk over you either. It is hard! When I have a stressful day what always helps is a nice cup of sweet tea (some syns but nothing compared to the alternative). Have a tea, talk to a close friend/partner and soon everything will be in perspective. You can only be yourself and be the best you can be. You can't be everything to everyone so don't worry too much if someone has a problem with you. Seems like no matter what you do someone always does!


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thanks guys yep am a manager of 2 people and split offices and tbh i have had enough am looking elsewhere for a new job, went to charity shop to find smart clothes for possible interviews, got home tried jacket on - too big, and trousers too small lol.
Still as scarlet o'hara says

Tomorro is another day so will restart (again) my diary tomorrow and be positive!!!
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I really feel for you, it's just not nice not enjoying your work, I've been there many times but fortunately I now have a job I love, it's not using all my skills but it's stress free & not too far from home.

At times like this I always talk to my sister, she is brilliant at giving her view in a nice, constructive way, do you have somebody you could talk to?

As for clothes, I've been bleating on here a bit about how I've bought 5 suits off ebay for £27, well all but 1 have arrived & they're in ok condition & will do until I can afford to buy brand new ones. How small are the trousers, would it be possible to take them out at the seams?

Don't forget we're all here if you need us:)


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S: 15st11lb C: 15st4lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 39.1 Loss: 0st7lb(3.17%)
both jacket and trousers are from british heart foundation who have said they will take them back and refund no prob, the trousers are far too tight (size 16 bhs) and the jacket is an essense size 18 and i look like i am drowning in them lol.

They are looking out for some clothes for me. Am a weird shape at the moment so staying clear of ebay, although normally that would be my first choice lol

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