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    Well I'm on week 19 and on SS+ for the last 2 weeks as my losses have slowed right down and CDC advised me to go up a plan to try and up metabolism. Anyway, last week lost 1 3/4lbs (week before was 3 and the two weeks before that was 1 3/4lbs) stood on the scales today and they haven't budged at all! I am following the plan completely. The only thing I have had this week is a few throat lozengers as I have a really nasty throat infection, and it feels like glass, but no beechams drinks or anything, just the lozengers here or there. I have weighed out all the protein, and the veg, drank all my water, and it's just not budging. I'm not really close to my goal either, still another 2 1/2 stone off the highest end of my BMI. If it was one week I wouldn't mind so much, but I have had 1 good week out of the last 5 weeks, as even before the last 1 3/4lbs I only lost 2lbs - obviously I realise it's all losses (so far) but with the amount spent, and the calories eaten, it's getting very difficult now.
    I have loved the results up until April, and thought I had plateu'd a little, but this is getting on for 2 months now...
    Help or ideas anyone please - I'm getting desperate. xx
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  3. broxi

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    You are still losing though and it will come off in time. My problem in the past is that I stop losing completely even although I am sticking to diet for months, then I give up and eat everything and put any amount back on. But I can usually only lose about a stone before it stops. I honestly think you're weight loss is fantastic and you look lovely too. I'm roughly same height and weight as you give or take a wee ibt. And I know from experience you will start to feel really good and not fat (maybe not thin yet) when you have lost about one more stone, after that it is just about actually getting skinny - honest. (I don't know if that's clear?) Also think about a pound and a half of butter which is the usual packet size. If you lose that every week that's great! Honest, I think you're amazing!
  4. natzmc

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    not sure why thats happening but i think it is important to realize hey, its still going down, but maybe the step to speed up your metabolism a bit, green tea is supposed to help, as in a bit of cardio. but I'm sure its gonna level out, hopefully your losses will be bigger again soon

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