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People are so mean!!

Kinda upset :( Was at work today picking up someone and as i went to get in my car someone drove past me and shouted fatty out the window. I felt so embarressed and ashamed i could have started to cry right there and then. Its made me really upset and i dunno i just feel like crap :(

Also sunday is my best friends little girls birthday party and i said AGES ago before i started the diet that i would cook some cakes to help her out. I hope i can get through the day with out wanting to scoff the lot :(!!

Feeling poo tonight but on the bright side Andreas said i can get a wii fit plus this weekend lol. I got rid of my wii fit 2months ago as i only used it once. Wish i had kept it now!! Grrr!! lol Nvm i will get a new one and USE it ;) xxxx
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please try again
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eh sod em love, your doing something about your weigh and you know you will get there

was probebly some no personality ugly munter that shouted that anyway in an attempt to make themselves feel better about thier pathetic life

as for the cakes, i often cook them for the others here, sure it smells nice but to be honest i go look at the clothes ive bought to slim into and i dont want a taste anymore
just keep busy at the party and you'll be fine hun

and yay at getting the wii fit plus, am sure that will be good motivation for you hun, others here seem to love them


Life is golden
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I'm sorry about what happened to you Tasha, it's awful... Just keep going, don't let idiots like that ruin your motivation! And stay away from the cakes!! Are you allowed bars yet? In those situations I cut mine up in itsy bitsy bits and suck on them like candy when I'm cooking sweets.
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I'm sorry to hear that someone did that to you. All I can say is: you can loose the weight, he can't get rid of his stupidity (or his ugly face).
What a total idiot! Some people are so dense. He was probably neglected by his parents and is in bad debt but works for minimum wage and has to insult others to make himself feel better about the fact that he can't get a girlfriend due to his god awful BO!
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Bluddy hell i cant believe people actually shout things like that :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: never been shouted at 'fat' etc..i must be one lucky ex fatty chick!!!!!! or we have nice people round here LOL!

Tasha--- .... you ARE doing something very positive about your weight my love...and it'll get better from here on....every day you will lose a little bit more...and soon enough you will really....really start to notice a new you emerging..i promise.

G: 10st7lb
Tash.....i felt like you at the begining..and started to look at the bigger picture...which really was wrong.. so i took it in week by week...and that made it all more realistic...also helped me stay on track

Keep working towards them lovely charms ;)
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Im not at goal yet!!! got another stone to go :) & booooo lol

I started in May last year and now weigh 10'11 but started at 17'9 .. ive been off it though 3 times in that time for holidays but got straight back into it again.. i have a life too aswell as canbridge and wont be beholden to CD THAT much lol!

Im working up the plans now..on 810 and into'ing a bit more food.... then will be on step 1000 in a couple of weeks... then 1200...and 1500 lol its all new to me this bit so i'll be on the other boards soon asking for help no doubt!
wow so you have lost about 7 stone!!! GO YOU!!! thats fab!! I am finding this diet kinda hard, i really wanna eat lol. I know its just in my head and when i get down/upset i wanna eat more. Today is one of them days... infact this week has been pretty crap wanted to eat loads lol. Glad i didnt but i hope it gets alot easier than this? xxxx

Gaelic Faery

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People are assshooooooooles :p Says a lot about him that he felt the need to shout out the window at randomers, loser! What's the bet he's shouting that at everyone though and not just people that are sensitive about their weight?

In a few months you'll be skinny and he'll still be spending weekends with pam and her five sisters :D
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Omgg That is so evil !
people are so small minded .
keep to the diet and show them that your not some fatty!
Dont let them get you down, keep to your goal



Back On Track!
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Hi Tasha

Well done on sticking to CD, and coming online to share this horrible experience of having the misfortune to cross paths with such a miserable, stupid and ignorant loser.
I know that I would have felt upset, just as you did, but as a '3rd party commentator' I am so struck by what a sad, empty and pathetic nature this person exhibits.

Good Luck to you Tasha - you really are on your way to fulfilling your weight loss aims x
Thank you. I know it seems daft gettin so upset over a idiot like that. I dunno its not the first time its happened. Its people like him is why i never left my house for over a year incase people looked at me or called me fat. Your all right i can get thin but he always gonna be a nasty young man.

Thank you all very much xxx

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