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  1. lipotrimmer

    lipotrimmer Full Member

    Hi All,

    I'm sorry about this rant...I just wanted to vent it out somewhere...
    I am on my 4th week of diet and have lost around 17lbs. My worry is no one other than my husband says I've lost weight. (I know its sounds really childish...:eek:) But I was thinking that once I start loosing people are going to notice it and keep telling me and it would be motivating for me. But it doesn't happen....Has it happened to anyone else?
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  3. WannaBeSlim

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    Congrats on the weight loss - that is super. I'm sure people have noticed but just haven't mentioned it. Lots of times when I've lost weight in the past, Mum or whoever has said to me oh Mrs So and So said to me that you look great, you've lost weight and I'm thinking, why didn't you say it to me?? 17lbs is a noticeable amount ... don't let it de-motivate you. Keep it up!!! You're doing fab!! I will be starting on 30 Dec and really looking forward to the (hopefully) fast weight loss!!
  4. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    People don't comment for all sorts of reasons. Some don't say anything in case you're not on a diet and take it to mean they think you should lose weight; some people think you're ill and have lost weight that way and don't want to pry; people have no idea how to approach the subject!!

    I lost 7 stone and none of my colleagues commented :eek: until I actually said no to something cos of the plan, and then it was 'Oh we thought you had lost weight but didn't want to say anything' :rolleyes:

    It'll happen honey, and be happy your man is noticing - some of them don't! :p
  5. dizzy-n-mizzy

    dizzy-n-mizzy Not dieting ATM!

    Together we lost 8 stone on CD.
    If you have a fair bit to lose people generally start to notice after about 2 1/2 - 3 stone. For me I was happy about that because I didn't want the pressure on me of people keep asking how I was doing. By the time people started to notice i was confident enough to deal with the pressure better. It was nice too because i knew people could genuinely see a difference.

    I did get plenty of motivation in the early weeks from just feeling so much better and by the fit of my clothes.

    You will be at the stage soon where everyone is noticing so much that maybe you will be complaining about that too! LOL

    Good Luck over Xmas!

    Dizzy x
  6. lipotrimmer

    lipotrimmer Full Member

    Oh...Thank you very much for the replies.

    Dizzy...I actually do it the other way. I tell most of the people that I'm doing this diet so that it becomes a commitment. I have almost advertised CD to people at work and to relatives...Believe me I'm not charging CD for
  7. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    I had to lose about 3 stone before anyone seemed to notice.

    The kids at school noticed when I had lost 5 stone. Don't think my own kids ever noticed...oh...except my eldest who asked me if I had been dieting when I had been at goal for a year:eek::rolleyes:
  8. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Mine was 2 stone before anyone noticed, trust me though even after 5 stone gone people tell me I look different, then they ask if ive changed my hair as they cant work out what it is lol!!!!!!!!!!
  9. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    YES !! I think peeps are afraid sometimes to say anything - in case u've been ill or something...:rolleyes: especially if they don't know ur even doing CD !

    I've lost 54lbs now...and 4.5 STONES in total...and my best friend has NEVER said anything bout me losing you I too had a vent about this and someone on Minimins said that it was BECAUSE she's my best friend that she doesn't feel the need to say anything - to her I'm just DEBZ - whether that's fat / slim / obese / whatever ...she doesn't see the weight, she just sees ME !!:D

    Hope that makes sense....not sure how much you have to lose but - with me - it took a good couple of stone before people really started to don't fret long as YOU feel better, that's what matters...after all ur doin this for YOU !!

    take care and good luck with the rest of your journey...


  10. Nick

    Nick Need help

    Cambridge Diet/ Slimming World
    You are doing really well and I am sure you are starting to feel great about yourself. People will notice the difference and I am sure they have already but they don't want to say anything as they feel that weight conversation can be a sensitive area. People don't want to get onto the topic unless they know the facts.

    Keep up the good work and I am sure you will be fed up with people soon asking "how did you lose all that weight".

    Nick :) :)
  11. g1981

    g1981 Thin People Only

    cambridge diet
    I think people do notice but are probably too polite to say anything (why I dont know, as its a massive boost!!)
    Do you notice the difference?? Or like me.waiting for the head to catch up.
    You know, I think i have the opposite of what aneroxics have..i never really thought I was that big!! Now people make positive comments...leaving me thinking ..what the hell did I look like before! hahahaah
  12. Biggirlsam

    Biggirlsam Banned

    I had that too but the reason was I spent years and years telling everyone "this is the diet", and they were fed up of me doing the yo yo thing.... After 4 stone it was begining to look like this was working and finally people started to say something.... For weight loss to work we have to do this for ourselves and don't even worry about the "non" comments you are doing great and the only person who's important in this journey is you and as long as you notice then its worth it!!! Oh and us on here we need to know how you're doing:)
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  13. Marylyn

    Marylyn Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Cambridge Diet
    Some people notice, but don't say anything.

    I've been reading all your comments and they are all valid.

    There's another side to this coin, however, and it's this.

    Some people are just plain jealous. There are people who just can't crack the dieting thing. I know that 2 people I worked with had tried to lose weight and couldn't handle even 1000 calories.

    I had lost 2 and a half stones - from a size 18 to a size 10/12.

    There were colleagues who noticed and I had some lovely compliments.

    One of my colleagues was complimenting me in front of the woman who had never said anything before - then when she said her piece it was as if she was struggling to emit something verbal. It seemed painful for her to say something. I call that the green-eyed monster.

    Marylyn xx
  14. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Very very true unfortunately - some people are just plain jealous :(
  15. mrs tweedy

    mrs tweedy Regular Member

    I've also been wondering about this issue lately, my best friend always makes a point of telling me how I look as though I've lost weight again (each week - lol) but both my sisters haven't said a bloody dicky bird about it! and I have lost over 12 stones !!!!!!

    I am annoyed about this because they've never had any qualms about telling me I had put on weight or "should try to lose weight" etc etc... I know I still have quite a bit to lose but ffs 12 stones + and the miserable sour faced sods can't even raise a smile GRRRRR, gonna have to shut up about it or else will type something that I may regret lol

    Try not to worry too much hun, as others have said there are a multitude of reasons why different people react in different ways, and I think you will be able to separerate the meanies from the well meaning ones ....and anyway, you know you've lost the weight and so just be proud of yourself for your fabulous acheivements xx
  16. CheekyMare

    CheekyMare Full Member

    I've started to get lots of comments now, (loss 2st 10) mostly good and its a fantastic feeling! Someone said to me that I should really stop now as I look so slim. HA, not true! I am still a size 16 and could do with losing another 24 lbs to get to healthy bmi. I also felt a bit fed up that no one was noticing at first but then the comments and compliments came flying in! Wonderful! and well worth the wait.
  17. punkass

    punkass Silver Member

    I got the same thing as Marylyn from one ex colleague, I went out on a night out with a load of people I used to work with.. the last time they had seen me I was 16stone ish.... I had lost 2 1/2 stone by the evening in question. Everyone commented on my weightloss... except one girl... she only mentioned it, when someone else started saying to me how well i had done in front of her.. and she was forced to say "Oh i thought you had lost a "bit" of weight"... I never liked her.. came so close to saying something about that being the good thing about weight... it can be changed... unlike her ugly looks .... but I bit my tongue lol!!!

    Mrs Tweedy: WOW 12 stone, u must look great, well done
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  19. AmandaJayne

    AmandaJayne Trainee Maintainer

    Its happened to me too ...

    There's no doubt that losing weight is an emotive issue for not only the person on the diet, but their colleagues, friends and relatives. I'd lost more than 2 stone before a work colleague commented.

    Now its nearly five stone (another 2 or 3 to go) it is more noticeable. None of the kids (I work in a school) have said anything either.

    I don't mind because I am still so motivated by such quick results.

    It's interesting that I am getting more comments about the fact that I'm staying on the LL programme throughout Christmas and New Year (NOT having a day off!). "Oh, I couldn't do that" or "How can you do that?" and looking at me as if I am an alien! It is a bit annoying to be honest.

    Lipotrimmer, could I ask if you are part of a support group while you are doing the Lipotrim programme? I have found talking to the other women on my LL programme to be invaluable - we meet every Thursday (tonight!) and often bring issues with us which we can talk and discuss in confidence.

    Sometimes it is not directly 'food related' but about how our new-found confidence has changed our perceptions and behaviours, and how other people (friends, relatives, colleagues) can find it difficult to come to terms with these changes.

    You can always come to Minimins too, it's a good alternative, and the great thing is, is that you can 'talk' to people from all over the UK! Don't give up Lipotrimmer.:)
  20. 10stonesize10

    10stonesize10 Member

    were british no one will say anything for awhile
    but they know........
    Im sure you look great !!!!!!
    I know what it feels like.
    keep up the good work
  21. dizzy-n-mizzy

    dizzy-n-mizzy Not dieting ATM!

    Together we lost 8 stone on CD.
    Sisters! How catty not mentioning your 12 stone loss when they always pointed out each gain! Sometimes women we let ourselves down with our bitchiness and jealousy.

    I can hardly believe it after 12 stone!!

    Dizzy x
  22. FatFairNForty(ish)

    FatFairNForty(ish) Gold Member

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    well done on your loss so far lipotrimmer! That's fanatastic.. AND what a bonus that your man notices!!

    Some folk are ignorant and won't comment, others are afraid to in case you are ill, some are worried that commenting on your weight at all will be rude, some will be jealous, some won't notice simply because they don't "see" your weight no matter how big or small you are, they just see you.. :D

    Others will be busting a gut to tell you but then worried it might not be the thing to do..

    what a complex thing us humans are...! lol

    If people don't comment, damn well tell 'em! lol SO many will have noticed and be wondering how to broach the subject for fear of offense.. honestly!

    You have done so well, at the end of the day it's you that counts, not what anyone else thinks or says ( I know it helps massively though to get really nice comments!!). Keep going! The results will amaze you! (and your friends). :)
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