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People noticing!


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It is wonderful when people notice.

A girl came back to work today after having 8 weeks off sick, I did hope for a comment about my weight loss (lost 2st 10lbs since xmas) but no she looked straight past me to my colleague who has lost a stone to get to goal and say how much weight she has lost - I could have cried
Yeah, although one of the girls asked if I'd lost a couple of stone which I thought was a bit cheeky, kinda true, but a bit cheeky!!

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Oh no rosb! I have a really past remarkable guy in my work who's off sick at mo, I'm kinda hoping he'll come back and say something nice.

I've similar story, girl in my work lost 22lbs on LL to goal weight, and that's where I am (almost) now, with another 25 to go! I have accepted cos I'm bigger, loss will take longer to show on me so I'll not get the same comments as her as quick

Start 14'7. WI1 -11. WI2 -4. WI3 -2. WI4, -1.5
hey guys - I lost two stone and when I visited my mother (who I hadn't seen for two months!) she never batted an eyelid.......think sometimes the 'green-eyed monster' holds some people back from commenting, but they're only kidding themselves - you KNOW you've lost it xxx


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Fizzy that's a real boost.

Last week I was meeting a bunch of people I knew. One girl had lost a few pounds and I let her brag about it and take all the compliments. I'm happy for her, no problems that way but I was miffed no one noticed my weight loss. But when I thought about it last year I lost a massive amount of weight and everyone did notice, maybe this time its just not showing yet.
And some more peeps noticing!! Have lost 20lbs now and I can start to see it in my clothes. Really focusing on getting into the 12's, 2 lbs till I'm there, fingers crossed I can hit it by next WI

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It's such a great feeling when people notice.
I didn't start getting comments until I lost around 2/2.5 stone.
Now i'm 1lb away from my 3stone loss and people will not stop commenting about my shrinking body. Not that I mind of course!
I've had numerous women asking me what diet i'm doing as well!
I agree with geordiebear - think she may have been jealous. It is lovely when people start to comment in a positive way it can really give you a boost, especially if you're starting to lose willpower.

By the way I'm a newbie on here and am loving the supportive comments


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Just been out all day with an old friend; last saw her four stone ago. She made no comment at all - she is very large. Enough said, I think it was the Planet jeans size 14 wot done it!
It seems to me that the jealous ones don't say anything, or are very negative about it all.
I have experienced both :(
But I know how much better I feel, so bums to them :D


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I've been asked if I'm on the diet to lose weight.... Obviously! Then I get the response like "why you look lovely, and you don't need to lose any weight" also the "you shouldn't lose any more I'm worried about you"

Its those kind of fake/ fake concern comments I dont like at all. They are usually from people who are like me not overly large more chubby and I think they feel threatened by your success and willpower. Two girls in my office hate the fact I can sit and watch them eat nachos and burgers at the pub at lunch and just have a fizzy water.

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