perfectly clear water on sole sorce????

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  1. Amy21xx

    Amy21xx Member

    cambridge diet ss
    is it true you can drink up to 1L a day of perfectly clear water red apple flavour and strawberry and kiwi on the cd ss as it feels like i shouldnt be lol !!!:)
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  3. susan70

    susan70 Gold Member

    Dont think its allowed hun sorry.xx

    Hve you tried the cd water flavourings??
  4. Amy21xx

    Amy21xx Member

    cambridge diet ss
    no not tried them yet ive read in all my info given by my counsler that its ok to drink perfectly clear but it just dont feel right ha ha
  5. spooky

    spooky Banned

    Unfortunately Perfectly Clear is not allowed on SS.
    Water, black tea and coffee and Cambridge water flavourings only...
  6. Amy21xx

    Amy21xx Member

    cambridge diet ss
    why was i told this by my counsiler????????? has this mucked it up now im on day two and had almost a pint of it yesterday HELPPPPPPP
  7. spooky

    spooky Banned

    No, its not mucked it up as long as you don't have any more!!
    Keep on the water and you will be fine.
    Basically if its not in the pink Sole Source booklet don't have it!
  8. Amy21xx

    Amy21xx Member

    cambridge diet ss
    thank you !! xx
  9. minime

    minime Gold Member

    The official line is no but I drink them sometimes. Not every day, but sometimes it breaks the monotony of all the water. My CDC also told me it was okay.
  10. peppa

    peppa Pwincess

    mine too and coke zero, she drinks them and lost 6lb in her first week back on ss. I've not tried any yet
  11. spooky

    spooky Banned

    The diet works best when sticking to the book. Other Zero Calorie drinks are NOT tested as accompaniments to the Cambridge packs.

    From the thread linked below:

    Cambridge does not recommend the use of carbonated, so-called 'zero calorie' drinks. They are usually not 'zero calorie' an can lead to a feeling of bloating, as well as perpetuating the taste for other conventional foods.
  12. edibeedee

    edibeedee Optifast Girl!

    is it that they won't work with the program or that cambridge diet doesn't have permission to print perfectly clear and coke zero names (trandmarks) in their literature?
    Just wondering
  13. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member

    No its because in the majority of cases they mess up the programme as the flavourings can kick of hunger.
  14. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Gold Member

    I am going to write cambridge and ask this question because I see what they and the CDC's are saying here, I have the flavourings and even when I use much less than recommended amount 1tsp in a 2 litre bottle, I find them very very sweet... The strawberry kiwi perfetly clear seems to have almsot identical ingredients to the water flavourings... SO I am genuinely confused as to what the real issue is.
    I understand about bloating but what is the difference betwen drinking CD flavouring in sparkling water, and PC sparkling, if the nutritional content is the same? Some of us will bloat on sparkling water, others don't...
    Some will have cravings after tasting something sweet, others will be OK.... But look at the shakes.. how sweet are they?

    Maybe what it needs is an absolutely clear policy by CD with reasons. That way the CDC's and us customers know why we are doing what we are doing...
    Just saying we can't have something because CD say's so, without any real reason, is obviosuly confusing not only many customers but also many CDC's who are giving out conflicting advice...

    And I am NOT having a go at anyone.... I have a diploma in nutrition and as such am always interested in science fact... Has any CDC actually asked for factual information into this?
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  15. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Almost? Not the same? Exactly the same type of flavourings? Different type, but the same carbs etc?

    And since there is a limit on how much CD flavourings you can have (1 teaspoon from week 3), how can you tell how much that would equal to keep everything exactly the same when you have a bottle of PC made up?

    Just wondering.

    And no, I'm not pushing CDC flavourings to boost my own sales, since none of my clients are on here anyway:p:D

    Just honestly interested in how you would get it exactly the same....or even know come to that.
  16. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Gold Member

    I was looking at the per 100mls on the bottle and on the pot... my son had some of this last week when I asked a similar qu... I will look up the exact nutrition so we can maybe have a proper debate :)
  17. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Gold Member

    Ok, I have just looked up the ingredients on perfectly clear strawberry and Kiwi and CD berry flavour...
    This is what it says....

    Per 100ml of perfectly clear...
    Energy 0.6 kcal
    Protien Trace
    Carbohydrate Nil
    Fat Nil
    No Citric acid

    100mls cd summer berry
    energy 1.2 cals
    Protein 0.04g
    Carbs 0.01g
    Fat nil
    citric acid (sodium citrate)

    Both contain phenylalinine
    Both contain malic acid
    Both contain Aspartame

    Now CD flavour... it is recommended that you have 1tsp per day in 1litre of water so you can multiply the above info by 10 to get a daily allowance.
    1 litre of perfectly clear gives you 10 times the amounts stated above also..
    As I see it...
    PC is marginally less calorific, contains no citric acid compared to the small amount in CD Flavour. Negligable amount less Carbs than the CD flavouring and both contain a negligable amount of protein...

    Now can anyone see why CD Flavourings are more chemically suited to The plan??
    BTW I am using the flavourings... I havnt used the PC because I am told not to, BUT surely if it isn't altering weightloss, and it adds another taste to keep us on the straight and narrow... Should it not be encouraged...
    I am very open minded and would love a CDC to point out to me that I am missing the point and that I have done the right thing by avoiding this product, but would like it based on fact and not just because CD say's so...
    Any ideas?
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  19. minime

    minime Gold Member

    Tilly I've found everything you've said really interesting. I'm one of the people whose 1st CDC told me I could have it. I haven't asked my 2nd CDC as I don't have it that often, but if there is a specific reason then I will totally avoid it. If you get a response from Cambridge, please keep us updated.
  20. MR2_Owner

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    Wow thats a great lot of info tilly :) thank you.

    I bought a bottle of this today but have only had 1 glass and will keep it in the fridge. It says you have to refridgerate after opening.
  21. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Gold Member

    Please note I am not advocating the use of this drink, I only checked the strawberry and kiwi flavour....
    But I have heard several times different people saying their CDC's have said it's ok to have and other CDC's on here saying NO you can't but there never seems to be any reason given, other than CD say so... it might cause cravings, or it could cause bloating... but looking at the ingredients, it would be great for someone to say scientifically why this is...
  22. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    It was 'allowed' for such a short time, but it seems that some CDCs just stuck with it:confused: even though it wasn't allowed for the other 24 years :D

    When it did go in the book...there was a control over it. Something like one small glass after week 2 if desperate. Now the book clearly states it's not allowed.

    Hopefully all CDCs supply the book to their clients. Just wish they would all read it themselves:rolleyes:
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