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Perhaps a silly question...


Mistress of the Dark
...but if these VLCD companies know that constipation is a common side effect, why do they not put more fibre into the packs?

I know CD sells fibre powder separately (for about £8 a tub!!!!) but surely it would be simpler to just put a little extra into the food packs themselves?

Maybe it's just a money spinner for them, but as far as I can tell Exante don't sell any fibre supplement.

Yes, I'm grumpy because once again I have had to crack open the constipation relief tablets :mad: At least next week is add a meal week and I can have some veggies :eek:
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Totally agree! I'm sooooo fed up of dulcolax cramps and running to the loo every 5 mins just incase what you think is wind really isn't haha!


Mistress of the Dark
Oh yes Lisaberry I have experienced that today!!! I'm going to pick up some fibre supplement from Boots at some point. Just haven't got round to it yet!
ive not really had any issues, and usually on low carb plans i do?

i think the amount im drinking plays a big part in it... x
Me too. I drink at least 3 litres, sometimes more....today i bet ive drank about 5 lol (been out in the garden all day and was roasting haha) so i know im drinking enough. First week i was never off the toilet then i found it hard to go. Not bad at all now that im takin fibre supps. xx

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