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Hello there! I couldn't find a thread related to my topic. Sorry I had to post my thoughts. (P.S sorry gents) lol..
I usually suffer from irregular periods ranging from 28 - 35 days with heavy bleeding.
Im on my montly cycle now & noticed it is regular with a 28 day cycle, but its not heavy at all, its much lighter.
As anybody else experienced this, is this 1 of the side effects?
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That's fanastic. Periods can relate back to blood sugar levels as they affect hormones etc. It's ALL GOOD that things are evening out for you. I also have a 36 day cycle I have PCOS so hoping to shorten this & regulate it more with a little weight loss.


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was wondering the same myself....im normally regular as clockwork and that hasnt changed but this month very very light and only 3 days......not that im complaining because i used to have awful pain but this seems to have subsided.....another plus side to wonderful lipotrim me thinks!!! x
I am the same, have PCOS and can range anywhere from 28-66 days but on this I have pretty much been regular :)

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Unfortunately am stick as regular as clockwork! Still very heavy n painful.

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Im usually 28 days for 5 days like clockwork but my 2 while on TFR have been 26 for 7 days. I suppose it must be a shock to the system being in ketosis, bound to affect the hormones,but this I can live with as long as the pounds keep falling off;)
Hello everyone!

I spoke to a lipotrim adviser over the phone and she stated that it is normal for woman to have ''different'' periods, with lighter or heavier bleeding during lipotrim.
She also stated some woman will start earlier, whilst others will have have delayed periods or may not even have a period but its temp due to the diet.

Last but not least whilst we are on Lipotrim we do ovulate & are more FERTILE so if your TTC this diet is great, but if your not looking to go under that zone we should be extra careful.
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Thanks for looking into this,I'm sure a lot of people will find this very helpful;)
Your welcome..if anyone has any further info related to this topic..please feel free to share :) x

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Thanks for the warning Pink Nibbles. It would be bloody typical if I managed to lose all my weight and then put it all back on again by falling pregnant! :p
I would love to get pregnant thats why I'm losing the weight as with PCOS I'm not ovulating because of my weight gain. It's totm now though just arrived yesterday. Must have been ketosis that brought it on. But I'm happy I'm not as sore as I usually would be.
Hey all, hope all is well!

Jessie 888 - Your welcome, I was gobsmacked with the info given to me..it crazy what these diets can do lol.

''want-to-conceive'' hope all works out for you. Do keep me updated x:)
Hey there!

I seriously didnt think I was going to loose alot this week as people say during TOTM issue u dont loose more due to water rentention or in my case light bleeding etc......
but I was amazed!

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Thankyou..i was shocked..good luck with sat..keep me informed! x

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