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Petal's Procrastination Theory

Petal's log: Day 2 of half term. OH away. I have made some scientific discoveries about myself. They are as follows:

My level of procrastination = the number of things on my To Do List X the urgency of which these things must be completed.


In other words because my family are coming to visit in two days, and because the house needs a huuuggee clean, and because I am behind with all my beaurocratic paperwork for school because OFSTED could be coming ANY DAY!!!! (our head likes to remind us....he enjoys the fear in our eyes) and because all of these things need doing by the end of wednesday at the latest, I have turned into the worlds biggest procrastinator. I am Professor Percy Procrastinator of the Professional Procrastinator's Party.

Who knew that one person can sit through Diagnosis Murder, Bargain Hunt, Flog It, Escape the the Country, Murder She Wrote, The Eggheads, The search for the next Egg head (or whatever its called) Two sets of the news, and all whilst browsing online ALL DAY. Well I have. And I feel ashamed.

I'm off to get on my bluddy wii fit and do some exercise and then I'm not having dinner til i've done some WOORRRKKKK!!!!!

Please tell me I'm not alone. :confused:
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Lol that made me chuckle,i am so like that on my days off, i was supposed to iron today and have just surfed the net all afternoon.....


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Oh you aren't alone....when OH is in work, i set myself jobs to do and sit and atch daytime tv until I feel guilty that i've done absolutley nada...
Then I whizz around getting nothing really done...
Not (I must add) that he expects me to do anything, it's purely my feelings of guilt
phew. I feel better already! And i've just done half an hour of EA Sports Active, now a lazy person wouldn't do that would they? So really i'm not lazy at all. No procrastinating here! In fact, i'm positively looking forward to doing some work now. Really. :sigh2:

And a big :welcome: to you snugglepuss! x


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I am Professor Percy Procrastinator of the Professional Procrastinator's Party.
Funny, because I have an honourary membership of the Professional Procrastinator's Party.

It's a funny story how I got it actually, but I'll tell you later ... ;)


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I have a Masters degree in this . :p Now if only it was an Olympic sport! :rolleyes:
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Thank you Petal x
Petal's Log: Day Three of half term. OH back later. Parents due to arrive within 24 hours. Must ...fight ....the urge to ........ Procrastinate.

I have just completed 35 mins on the wii and burned 200 cals. This means I'm NOT having another day like yesterday!

OH actually phoned this morning to make sure I was out of bed and reminded me of the many things I needed to do around the house. Now, I don't know about you, but with me that has the opposite effect. Oh I need to hoover do I? It can wait. I've got loads of work to do. In fact the Big Yellow Folder of Doom (OFSTED work) is open on the table ready for me to delve into. At some point. When I've finished typing this. Maybe. How about one more cup of tea and then i'll start. Yep, definitely will start then. ;)

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