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Petrina Journey to lose 40lbs - 17lbs lost - 23lbs to go!


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I thought I would write a diary to get me through my journey. My name is Petrina. I'm 24 from London. I have 32lbs to lose to get to my goal of 8st10. My goal date is my 25th Birthday. Hopefully I'll be at way before then. I did CD last year but I never went up the stages. I just did 810 for a week then gave up. This time I must go up the stages. Currently on Day 3 of CD. Feeling ok. I've lost 6lbs so far which I'm happy about. The losses are what keeps me going. I've just had some water. Trying to hold out for my porridge because I don't want to eat it too early. Here we go for Day 3!
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Hello hun we meet again a good idea on doing a diary hun im sure it will help keep u on track.And being in the Everything challenge you will get to your target weight for your birthday.
Im 26 yrs and will be 27 in September and looking forward to be slim like the rest of my friends on my bday.

So keep at it hun .x shanny
Hi Petrina, you will so be at goal for your birthday - what have you got planned for the big event?

For me day 3 and day 4 are always the hardest, but you have the determination and motivation to get there - so you WILL do this. I am 31 and have to loose 3 stone for an operation in October (I think) so am time crunched too, but a third of the way there.

Something that gets me through when I need to have my first meal early is to split at least one meal so that I am not hungry or craving food later on. Typically I have one between 12&1, 2nd between 5&6 and then the third one round about 10:30 however sometimes I forget to take the third one and have to get out of bed to get it!

Shanny - you are so nearly there, the one thing I must say is make sure you work up the steps, I didn't first time round and put on 3 stone in the space of 2 years - lots happening and injuries prevented me from working off the alcohol and chocolate in the gym!

This time the weight will be off for good, I never want to look in the mirror and hate what i see, I want to be able to go out and choose what clothes I want to wear - not what fits or covers the muffin top!


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Hi guys! I think i'm going to have a party for my 25th. I feel hungry so I've been feeling up on water. Finding it hard today I want to eat. I'm going to have my porridge around 5.30. If I can wait that long. Lol! Thanks guys for the support it really helps! :)
Petrina, think about the party, and the outfit you want to wear .... it will get you through, It gets so much easier after day 4, not saying its not tough and some days are rougher than others, but you can and WILL do this!
Hello again thank u amm451 for the advice ive been on ss ss+ 810 and 1000plan.
For this week im back on the 810 plan but hope to try the 1200 plan very soon.
Hey Guys! Thanks for the advice amm451. I'm on day 5 today and I feel better. I'm just having my first porridge as I had a lay in today, lol. I weighed myself this morning and I'm 10.7. Yesterday I sts. So that's 7lbs in 5 days. Which is great. You wouldn't get these losses on any other diet. I was thinking whether I should move up to ss+ on Tuesday then 810 the following week. I'm not sure. How is everyone?
Hi petrina, sorry not much use of the moving up the plans thing! I have been really good today gym this morning met a friend for coffee and just having my first shake! So glad your scales moved today, it makes it so much easier to stay motivated! mine where a stay the same!
Well done on going to the gym. I haven't been since I've started. My scales sts yesterday. They'll move. Just trying to drink loads of water. I normally drink 3 litres. Is that enough?
I'm feeling hungry. My mums just made a fish stew and it smells lovely. She's asked me if I wanted some and I said no. I'm just feeling up on water. I'm going to have my porridge about 7. It is torture smelling the nice food in the house. Just trying not to think about it.
Yeah, I tend to drink 3l minimum. Also loads of black coffee and green tea with mint! Stay away from the stew I had a similar issue at my mums yesterday but it was chicken curry yum
Day 6 today. I've weighed myself and I'm still 10.7 so I've sts. A bit disappointed as I thought I would lose something as I have been 110%. I have my WI on Tuesday hopefully I will lose another pound. I've just had my porridge and I'm going to fill up on water.
two days to wi, so still room for a bigger loss, however, 5lb is a great loss! You should be very proud!
Thanks Amm451. I've lost 7lbs so far. That 5lbs is from when I did slimming world a couple of weeks ago. My mums doing the 810 plan but she's been having fish, chicken and potatoes and salad and she's lost the same amount as me. Its torture watching her cook dinner and smelling the food. I think I'm going to move up to 810 this week. I'm going to see how it goes on Tuesday and decide whether to do 810 or ss for another week. How u been?
I am doing well. The first time round I always had a STS result when I did the aam week. I know how frustrating it is to watch someone eat more and loose the same, but we are all different and trust me the weight does come off! Stick with it and you will reap the rewards!
Thanks amm451. I've updated my ticker with the 8lb loss. It's my official wi tomorrow morning so fingers crossed I lose another pound. Today has been ok no problems. I've drunk 3litres of water so far so getting it down, lol. :)
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you go girl... well done and keep us posted tomoro!
I had my 1st wi this morning and lost 9lbs. I'm so happy. So I have 23lbs to go til I reach goal. I'm the zone and I feel great. I've now gone up to ss+ so I can eat something. How's everyone doing?
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Congrats ... there's the first stone gone, gone, gone. Whoo hoo.

I am having a hungry day today and reading the forum just isn't helping! had one soup - I was so cold, 1l water, coffee and now working my way through a green tea! will get through this though and I am so not going to cheat. I have my wi tomoro so looking forward to it!

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